Xiyad Asytar D. Captivating Talents is 4!!

Yesterday Oct 26th, is the date when Xiyad Aystar was born 4 years ago. Deepavali day and being welcomed by the Isya' azan Alhamdulillah..

How time flew by. It has been a wonderful years watching him growing up. Well, his body frame that does not really that grown up, still slimmy and small. He's still a crybaby every now and then without any particular reason and will only stop after he received some rough treatment from me.

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Xiyad Asytar with his cousin, Adni Adelia

He is still the aloof boy who is really shy in front of other people. Only around those he's already used to, he can be his cheerful self . He gets along with his cousin pretty well. He can play with Adni independently without any bickering or fighting

With Atok

He goes along well with his Atok from Sabak Bernam. Laughing whenever his Atok playing with him. Well Xiyad would ask his Atok some questions or some requests without getting any response. We would always let Xiyad knows "Atok tak dengar Xiyad" hoping he will one day understand how special his Atok is.

With Tok Ki

He goes along so well with his Tok Ki too. When he was still around 2-3 years old, he was kinda scared by his Tok Ki. Probably Tok Ki's stern voice making him feels like he's being scolded or whatever he might think that we could not comprehend at that time. But now, Tok Ki is one of his friend whenever Xiyad balik ganu.

He will always tag along Tok Ki to Jamu (events and occasions), going to the farm or going to Nyang's house by the beach. And XIyad is still fond towards his youngest uncle.

He has more things that interest him more now. If he used to like Upin Ipin, Spongebob and Oggy. Now he like Robocar Poli and Tobbot. He never watched Robocar Poli in the television before. But when he was playing with our phones, one day out of his usual ABC phoenic, songs and suprise eggs videos, he stumbled upon this Robocar Poli video. But a korean Robocar Poli.

Someone is behaving really good despite of all the havoc that is going on..kekekeke

So for few days we were listening to Korean language whenever he was playing with the phone. And he started to watch it in the television. That's when I started to buy him the toys. Hahahaha..for a month, he played with them gracefully but now all the legs were gone. He loves them so much and can even sing the robocar poli song, knows which one is Amber, Roy, Heli and Poli. And now he loves the Tobbot more.

That's one super happy birthday boy isn't he. HAHAHAHA

On the weekend, we bought some snacks that less unhealthy. Some Tiger biscuit, apollo chocolate bars and cloud 9 chocolate waffle for Xiyad birthday's goodie bags. The cake was sent to the school yesterday evening when his Mom picked him up. And this morning I managed to snap few pictures of the celebration before heading to the office.

Xiyad being his aloof self with the rest of his friends that celebrate the October birthdays. 

And here are some pictures of Xiyad during last Sunday's Little Caliph Concert held in UKM. To be honest, I'm looking forward to watch him in action on stage. I want to see if he could actually perform whatever has been taught to him during the school days. Kekekeke

Well, he did follow the instruction from the teacher to some extent

 And maybe he was actually looking at me

Yeah he did turn around following the routine despite of that blury look of his. kekeke

See, he did follow the routine though

Hahahaha. I was laughing so much while taking his picture looking at how aloof he is on stage. He looks so blur but still executing some of the routine. Unlike 2 of his friend by his sides whom were actually doing all the routine. So the two friends' pom pom would always hit his face when he just stood there and not waving his. HAHAHAHA!!
It has been an easy 4 years membesarkan awak Xiyad Asytar. You are not a fussy boy. Sometime ngade taik kuda but most of the time we have such an easy time raising you son. I really hope you would grow up and shave aside that aloofness little by little and you would get along with all kind of people around you, blending in yet stay out of trouble

Ayah and Mak always love you son!!


Anonymous said…
I bet your son is the only boy on earth with that special spelling name, aren`t he?

And that makes him more special to both his mak n ayah.

Oh you should thank song il gook from `the return of superman` show who makes robocar poli famous. Dont only watch runningman :p
Anonymous said…
*isn`t he
zella y said…
hahahha.. so cute and funny Xiyad...

happy birthday!!!
HEMY said…
Errr..I dont think Xiyad watch that show. if he didnt stumble upon that youtube video, i dont think i would give a damn on it too..hahaha

mekasih zella y for the wish
Anonymous said…
Not ziyad. Instead, u shud watch the return of superman. Its a parenting skill show.