Trudge along the challenge

Assalamualaikum everyone

It has been way too long..since I last updated this very blog. It's not in my era anymore. Unlike few years back where blogging seems to be the daily routine of mine, of ours, bloghopping, commenting and all those fun, FB has already took all of that away..huhu..

But somehow I feel like I wana write something today. Pouring my thought into something that I could read back and reflect from it one day.

I'm working at AG (Accountant General) now. Nah...not as accountant la for sure. I'm the data migration consultant, handling the loading off all the employee data from 35 accounting offices (jabatan kerajaan) into 1 system. It's a tad load of work, not that hard, but it's extremely tedious task. Having a very short resources/team with you, making one off day, or 1 day of MC to thwart the timeline and affecting the dateline.

Coming at 9, going home at 9. Sigh.

But being me, I can just adapt, get used to it and make myself happy regardless on how the environment of my work is. And just like that, I've already enjoying my stay. And that is when the other opportunity knocking on my door.

A vendor contacted me for a post that I've been trying to get a hold of  since last year at 1 of the oil and gas company in KLCC. The same duration of contract with the one I'm in now. And I'm gonna get back to my core module of SAP EHS.

Let me simplified the scenario to you;

Scenario A - Stay in AG's project
1. Duration - till end of Feb
2. New skill, more HR knowledge ( but only if I have spare time from doing that heavy loading activities)
3. If the favor is on me, I would probably be here till early 2017
4. I would have option in HR for new jobs, but hmmm..if I'm stuck with the data load task, I won't learn anything still
5. Prone to work late till night especially during the data loading weeks

Scenario B - Go to PetICT project
1. Duration - till end of March 2016. Next wave still 50-50 and would probably start on June 2016 (3-month jobless if waiting for the next wave)
2. Back to my core module and complete my SAP EHS experience as a functional consultant
3. Risk being with the vendor in term of payment (but hopefully based on luck, I would not have the same issue)
4. Almost double the money
5. Would not need to work till late at night

I'm used to hold on to the wisdom that "Rezeki itu Allah dah tentukan". But after listening to Zakir Naik's explanation on Takdir, how we mistakenly think that what Allah has wrote for us is the reason why we do it. It actually up to us, entirely up to us to define what we are, what we gonna do and what we gonna chose. But in the end of our conscious selection, Allah already knew what it will come to. What is the conclusion of all of those choices that we made. And that is what has been written.

So I keep praying and keep ikhtiar to get the best out of my choices and praying that Allah will ease it up for me.

Please Allah, guide me along the way and make the journey easier for me.


zella y said…'s way too long since your last update...hihi and
i'm glad to know u already got a job..

may Allah ease everything for you..amin... ;)
syalinda johari said…
kerja kat AG?? tambah sket gaji aku jadik 15K..hahahhaa
HEMY said…
zella y..and i dint think you are still blogging..let alone still following this blog..nice to see familiar comments..thanks zella

syalinda..ko dh keje gomen ke? hehehhee belum go live lagi. tak dapek nk adjust gaji ko..hahaha
Masy said…
yg mana2 pun pilihan ko, semoga itulah yg terbaik. amiinnnn
HEMY said…
itulah masy..moga dimudahkan