Standing firm on my feet

It's almost a year or rather It has been a year since the autumn trip in UK. How I miss those days. An unplanned trip for my family. It's started as a trip meant for my in-laws then we got sucked into it and the last thing I know, the ticket has been bought with our names on it. I was saying that we couldn't afford it especially when we had a plan to install the kitchen cabinet. But now I know, if I didn't join that very trip, its a huge loss of life experience to us. Plus, in the end of the day, we still installed the kitchen cabinet. Maybe it's true, duit boleh cari. Hmmm..

Ahhh~~~~ seriously I'm so missing those days, driving along the colourful chilling roads...

It's gonna be Xiyad's 4th birthday this coming Monday. It's going to be the first birthday he will be celebrating with his friends. Well I do hope he managed to make some friends though..kekeke. And I do hope he can understand what is happening and be happy about it. And perhaps will remember it as he grows up as his first birthday celebration with someone else other than his family. 

It's gonna be my first daily-rate job early next month. Where I have to starve my pocket for 2 months before my first paycheck. Oh okay let me explain, for daily rate payment, you will fill up your expense sheet after a month of your service, then this form will be processed in a given time frame which is vary and depends on the company. Well, mine happened to be a month after the expenses form is submitted. That's why I will only get my first payment after 2 months.

The task here has just been completed. I've prepared the necessary document for the finding, ended my stay in a nice proper way, explained to my project lead, my colleagues on the  reason of my hard decision to leave this project after only 3 months here. They seem to understand where I come from. After all, we in SAP business know and understand the right way to establish your career and that's what I'm trying to do right now by making this difficult decision.

 Ni le nama keje aku yang adik beradik aku, bini aku pn tak tau aku keje apa sebenarnya..hahaha

And I was super glad when my friend forwarded me the above pic. It means, my name in the project has been confirmed. And now I just hope I could do the job right, carved an excellent reputation in the thick skulls of everyone there to bring some shade of light into the end of my career tunnel.

Praying for the best!!


zella y said…

the only thing that i understand is "consultant" tp bila bc full title.. i also dont have any idea what is your job..hahahah..

everything goin to be good,insyaAllah...keep praying! ;)

Anonymous said…
Found it a bit 'rare' to read a man's blog. Anyway, i enjoyed reading many of your entries.

Hope to read more of your life ranting!
HEMY said…
hahaha..its not that rare 2-3 years back..its became rarer after facebook becomes more and more of a lifestyle

whoever you are..thanks for dropping by