Chiropractic. Abah was actually one of the practitioner!!

Yesterday I stumbled upon 1 video where a masseur was attending his patient with approach of massaging with popping up sounds from the neck and the back. So the entire video was like PRAAPP PROOPP CRACCKKK all the way till the end. I didn't save the video and I was trying to look for it again today.

I googled for few minutes and found out that it's called CHIROPRACTIC

The video above suddenly reminds me of Abah way years back when he was still active giving massage service where it's almost everyday people would come to our house to get Abah's massage service. 

And in the end of abah session, abah will do the cross leg and push towards the buttock popping, the neck popping and the one where the patient turn aside with crossed arm and leg. I was like..wowww..all this while, Abah has been a chiropractic practitioner himself. And it's awed me for a while

This video above is one of the chronic patient that manage to be cured using this chiropractic approach. Woww..

I pop my fingers every 30 minutes. Ah and my neck as well. I was afraid at one time to pop up my fingers when I heard it might lead to arthritis as a long term affect. But then, I read about the real fact in reader's digest (I used to subscribe them) and it doesn't bother me anymore. It doesn't have anything to do with friction between your bones or joints. You can read it here for more info on this. 


Anonymous said…
I wonder how would the netizens react if msia has licensed (?) chiropractic doc in hospital.

Whereas in other part of the world, they are already offering professional services.

Lama lagi agaknya kita ni nak maju. Hehe
HEMY said…
I think should be OK je. Sedangkan rawatan islam, ala2 bomoh pn dh berlesen dah diiklankan...hehehe
Masy said…
aku biase gak patah2 jari. kalau lenguh belakang, kasik pusing satu kali.. prappp tulang belakang hahaha pastu lega ya Allah terima kasih kerana letup2kan tulang saye..
HEMY said…
Aku mmg plg sll jari n tengkuk. Tengkuk tu bila krrraaappp..pergh mmg lega gilaaa