Ramadhan is ending

Without you even realize it, Ramadhan is approaching the end. Hmm..like all the other Ramadhans, I have wasted the precious 30 days without succumbing myself before HIM asking every best things from him to happen, every possible blessing from him and every single forgiveness from HIM. Oh Allah, please let me be the one who would embrace Ramadhan again next year and hopefully it would be a better Ramadhan next time. Amiiinnn..

Today, is supposed to be the last day of my 10-day contract job with MAHB. Alhamdulillah, started day 1 with a very blurry mode after not practicing SAP HR for years. After the 3rd day, everything went better. From trying hard to make poker face giving the impression of "Yes, I know my thing", I started to walk the talk.

The transactions, the processes, the flow and the concepts are surging into my rusted brain and started to shine brighter and brighter everyday. Alhamdulillah now I can initiate the discussion, proposed solutions, challenge the processes and revamp the existing documents to create a better one. Alhamdulillah..

My Family - Surau Al-Hasanah Batu 1 Sepintas

Raya this year is the most frugal raya for me. Well, frugal2 pun my Baju melayu costs me RM169. HAHAHA. But thanks to Cembam for sponsoring them. Every ringgit counts now to have a sustainable cashflow to expect the worst in the upcoming months.

So far, I only had 1 interview session/invitation and I do think I didn't perform well in it. Sigh~~ Got some few calls asking more detail about me to end up with "I will be contacting you later if we have  something that match your experience". Hmmm..Hope Allah will guarantee me HIS sustenance for the years ahead.

Iftar GENG 2014

Had 2 session of Iftars this year. One with Geng Memuah at Cameron Highlands. But due to my faulty lense, I don't have any picture of it. And one session with my fellow OneHealth members back then when we worked in the same project. It was such a joyous ngeteh session for me. Talking and chatting about so many things. Our wives chat with each others. Ahhh~~ I missed being in the same project, having to discuss and chat every lunch time like what we during this very iftar. 

Alhamdulillah, they have been doing great, achieving their dream, getting firm on their career. Alhamdulillah.

I wanna buy new lense, but I really think I need to wait till I got my new job. Ahhh~~~ Allahummarzuqna rizqon halaaalan toyyiban mubaaarokan waaasi'an!!!


syalinda johari said…
MAcam Adib ja yang tepi sekali tu..

selamat hari raya aidilfitri ....
zella y said…
selamat hari raya!
xpe...insyaAllah nanti ade rezeki dpt keje baru...
semoga dipermudahkan semuanya..amin...
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