Kebun Ayoh - how to start your own farm

Hmm...kontrak aku abeh 30 Jun ni. Takde lagi nampak sinar kerja lain. Ada yang call mintak CV and interbiu bersungguh 2 hari lepas. Tapi hari ni senyap je. Semalam ye ye nak suh interbiu lah apa. Hmm..Moga Allah dah sediakn rezeki utk aku sang pendosa ni...amiiinnn..

Ok la enough my office stuff.

My father in-law started his retirement end of last year. He already had a plan to setup a small farm. He researched for months, got to the right people and the final product, now ayoh farm has been producing hundreds kilos of eggplant and few kilos of big chillies. 

Xiyad selaku model terung

So due to this new hobby of my FIL, he is now as busy as when he was a lecturer. He went to the farm everyday and even planted some at Tok's backyard. I got a full sack of the eggplant when I back to KL. Sedapp..segarrr je terung nya

The farm is just next to Cembam uncle's house - Ayah Ngah. So, ibarat macam ada security percuma la. Kekekeke. And the project is supervised by Pok Ya who has experience in planting few types of orchards. He really know his things. Starting from the watering system, maintaining the plants and etc.

Lepas abeh ni, plan tanam timun plak. Moga Ayoh sukses dengan hobi aka bisnes baru beliau sambil menghabiskn waktu2 lapang zaman persaraan beliau ni dengan produktif.