@grills BB Bangi

This is the 2nd time we dined here. It was suggested by dear friend of mine when he somehow shared about this place few months back.

We came here for the first time for my birthday dinner. I was reminded by my friend's suggestion and it happened that I've been to the place before with my Memuah friends Keri and Sepol. But I do think that was a different dine-in place. Same shop lot, different restaurant now.

Cembam ordered the same drink as the first visit. There's lychee and err.. I forgot. Xiyad nyerongen when he suck it in. Kkekekeke

This is @grill Tropicana booster if I'm not mistaken. It's a blend of honey dew and some other fruits. I love it and I ordered the same drink for the 2nd visit last night.

This was the menu that we ordered during our first dine-in. It's a 2-pax menu. They served lamb, beef and chicken in it. So if you guys wanna test first how the quality of the food, I advise you to try this menu coz you can have a taste on how they prepared the beef, lamb and chicken in 1 go.

This is the restaurant. It's located at the back of Paparich. You can see Paparich from the main road, so just head to that place if you want to look for this place.

This is during the first visit.

Last night, we wanted to try the other 2-pax menu. We wanted to try the seafood combo but being told by the staff that the other 2 menus are not anymore available. So the 2-pax menu now just the one that we've tried before.

So, we decided to order a separate menu.

I ordered Lamb Chop last night. And this is what I get. Quite a portion to be enjoyed. And we didn't really have to wait long for both of our time dined in there. Around less than 15 minutes. Well maybe because there were not that many people when we were there. I just went to perform my Isyak prayer at the prayer room outside just next to our table (well it's our favourite table now mind you..we gonna go there again for sure) and then when I came back, the drinks were already on the table and followed by our orders right after that.

Cembam decided to order the Chicken chop coz she said dia tengah malas nak kunyah daging lama2. boleh? haahahaha. Oh ya..the texture of my lamb, and the beef that we had were quite succulent and not that chewy. Just nice.

Pricing...ermm..the lamb chop costs RM33 and the chicken chop costs around RM23 if not mistaken. So you can do simple estimation how the pricing ya. Ok, kalau angpa mai sini, jangan lupa roger ye..dengan cargas aku mai utk join n mintak dibelanja..kekekeke


zonaku said…
terus terasa ditujukan pada aku sebab guna slang utara
HEMY said…
hahahha..mai la...sempoi ja belanja aku