A worrying father

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon everyone~~

Hmm..yah..as the entry's title suggested, I'm worrying about Xiyad. It's pretty normal I guess, seeing your kid growing up and 4-year old is a crucial stage where a boy at his age is having his tantrum-throwing phase, being rebellious and just wanna have fun in his own definition

We dont really have this kind of issue before with Xiyad. Well he does play with either my iphone, his Mom's Asus or Ipad every now and then everyday, but he's getting more and more attached to Najwa's Asus. He likes to watch the surprise eggs videos in the youtube or watching how people played the angry birds stages. Then he would also play angry bird.

It's less worrisome if he plays my iphone because somehow he doesn't really play much with my phone. He played the Tanya Sama Pokok video over and over again and I can ask back my phone anytime most of the time. But with his Mom's phone, it could end up me punishing him in the bathroom, spraying water all over him while he was shrieking out loud...sigh~~

High-pitch Shrieking and Mengada Taik Unicorn (lagi tggi level dari kuda)
We really tried our best and keep on trying to console Xiyad in a soft way. We really tried our best. We tried talking softly to him, hug him every now and then. But action is way harder than words. Sigh~~~ Really hard to calm him down when he started shrieking and crying. He would even resist a warm hug.

He used to startle and had a blank thinking moment when I said "No" to him. "Dont", but now it's not working anymore. Everytime he heard those words, he will shriek even louder. His bad habit of menganjing is getting a level higher. Say he wants something, we fetched for him, he wont accept it or take it, but when we put it away he shriek and pointing at it asking it to be given to him, but then he wont accept it..Arghhh!!!!

This morning I had to shriek at him back. Arghh..I know..what a hopeless father I am. Usually we would just have fun preparing to go to school, but this morning when he asked for his milk and I said we will bath first, he started his scheme.

I walked out of the room and said I'm going down, he cried so hard and pull my pants not letting me go outside. So I talked back softly, budak baik budak pandai and took off his clothes. OK, we went for his bath. Then when it comes to brushing teeth time, mengade taik unikorn, he said he dont want me to brush, but when I said "ok..jom abes mandi", he pointed back at the tootbrush, I picked it and handed it to him, he refused..Arghhh!!

Again I walked out of the bathroom and he cried and shrieked like crazy..when he calmed down, I talked back softly and wiped him dry. Then he refused to go down..Arghh!!!!! Again, same threatening way of leaving him behind, only managed to bring him down..

Adoi Xiyad..Ayah doesn't want to treat you to that extent. It hurts me having to blast the water on him in a locked bathroom seeing him waving his hand trying to block the water, shrieking saying TAKNAK and cried so hard. But somehow only that will make you stop crying..



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