The Captivating Talents

Masih pasal Xiyad Asytar

Alhamdulillah, he's been adapting and coping with the new environment. I managed to fetch him yesterday from the school. He had a happy face, smile and waved goodbye to another boy from the school (an older boy) when the boy waved and said goodbye to him.

He's being his normal self when he arrived at home. Calling for his mom outside right after I dropped him off of the bike with his helmet and bagpack still on him shouting "Mak...mekommm...mak..."

The uniform is kinda too big for him..kekeke. I asked the teacher there to keep an eye on him to see if his rashes on his neck area flared up due to the uniform material and just let him wear his normal shirt if it happened. But Alhamdulillah so far every morning when I am preparing him, his neck doesn't really have any rash, just mild red spots here and there.

Seluar..well, I need to fold it 2 times. kekekeke.

Ini lah dia..Xiyad Asytar the Captivating Talents. Moga jadi anak soleh. I've been reciting Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim for the past week and he's reciting it after me by just emphasizing the ends. Lah...Maaan..Hiiimm.. jadi la..lama-lama penuh la kot dia baca kan. kekeke

And when he's at home after his pre-school, the challenge continues. I try not to let him watch the TV too much, which is not that challenging because it was Drama time and he's already used not to watch the cartoon during night. During night, TV belong to MAMA!!

Just that now he always asking for my wife's phone to play with it. Well, he was playing the alphabets app, but still I wanna avoid it as much as I could. So, usually kami bergomol la bergocoh sampai penat while waiting dinner time. Then let him play ball now and then.

Macam last night, he will come to my room every now and then and joined me watching ultimate spiderman cartoon. "tuu me man keeeee? me maannn" (Tu spiderman ke? spidermannn). Kekekeke. Then he asked me to tug him to bed "jom..tido.." while pointing his finger towards the bedroom upstairs. So aku pun pergi la tido kan dia. The only problem is, bila aku tidorkan dia, tepuk2 baca2 apa yang patut, selalunya dengan aku2 sekali tidor. Mak dia..memang tiap kali aku attend Xiyad memang peluang keemasan dia la..serah terus...tido terus..huhu

So kadang bangun balik boleh la turun balik matikan apa yang patut. kadang aku siap2 matikan lampu bawah kot2 tertido balik..kadang yg jadi plg masalah, tak solat isyak lagi..then tertido terus..aduuuhhh.


Kniedaz said…
ahahaha...tertido terus...biasa la tu
Masy said…
nampaknye bisikan utk tido tu kene buat kat cembam gak tapi kene ubah sket la.. hahahaha
Prince of Noob said…
Comelnya anak... Btw dah follow bro, follow mine too :) - Noob