Nureen is here & Xiyad's pre-school has begun

On 25th January, my sister's family came home from Ausie for a month holiday. Nureen, my sister's daughter has been asking and begging to come home to Malaysia to see everyone of us here. She remembers all of our names and has been sending her whatsapp audio everyday before the date of departure saying how bad she wanna meet us again.

And alhamdulillah..ada rezeki, my sister's family arrived at KLIA2 sooner than the schedule, and when we arrived to pick them up, they were already wandering around looking for us. I thought Kak Wa or Osman would naturally connected to the free wifi and updated us in the whatsapp. But it didn't happen. Hahahha. We were wondering around thinking that Kak Wa's flight was delayed and suddenly bumped into her. Hehehe pity kak wa. She has been walking around half an hour trying her luck looking for us. 

On Sunday Federal Day, we went to have our family time at Kalumpang Resort Tanjung Malim. I've already booked the gazebo and the grill set for us. Alhamdulillah the whole family was there but unfortunately, I brought my camera without the CF card. JIlakeeee!!!! HAHAHAHA.

Xiyad still unchanged. Still fazed with the idea of dipping his body in the water. Regardless of salt water of the beach or the chilling water of the stream. They are all the same. He hates it!!! HAHAHAHA. Nahdan on the other hand, can spent hours inside the cool water. Hehehe..

Then we wrapped up to have the infamous Yik Mun pau, but due to full-house, we had our tea time somewhere else and then we parted our ways. Mom, my brother and Kak Wa's family headed to Sabak Bernam via the Tanjung Malim route.

Xiyad ready for school with his helmet and Agnieszka ride to school!!

And on2nd of Feb, I had my in-lieu as I'm working in Federal Territory, I was originally planned to ride up genting or cameron or just any where. Cembam didn't get a holiday ohn Feb 2nd. So it was the best holiday for me to ride man!! But..hmmm...Suddenly we decided to send Xiyad to his pre-school, Little Caliph Sri Putra so I had to send him there on Feb 2nd for his first-day. Saaadddd~~~ Takpela...

Xiyad had a mild fever back from Kalumpang. Rendam separuh badan je pun..adehh xiyad ni. So instead of full-day, Cembam fetched him up half day after her school ended. Hmm..susah dah nak suruh budak ni makan ubat. Sian dia lama tak demam.

Alhamdulillah on Wednesday after the Thaipusam break, Xiyad managed to fully recuperate but his kinda shocked with the new environment. Well, too many activities, to many kids. He needs time to adapt

His teacher said he cried for the first 2 days, but getting better now. He refused to eat. And when his teacher tried to feed him, he would start crying. So I asked them to give him milk instead. I realized that he asked for milk right after the first bottle finished when he was home last week. So I asked the teacher and they said that they only give milk around 1PM when the kids are about to sleep.

Wow, that's a half day without milk for Xiyad. So I instructed the teacher to feed Xiyad milk right after I sent him. If I got the time, I prepared the milk for Xiyad before sending him to the school. But that depends on the timing of him waking up and etc. 

Well last night, when i was carrying him in my arms to the bedroom, like always I will talk to him during his sub-conscious state to trigger his sub-conscious mind on things that I wanted him to. So I whispered to him;

Xiyad budak baik
Xiyad budak pandai..tak baling2 barang
Xiyad suka school
Xiyad suka pergi school
Xiyad suka main dengan kawan2

I repeated them til I reached the bedroom. Alhamdulillah this morning, whether its just a coincidence or what not, he woke up early..around 7A.M. Right after my bath, I asked him if he wanted milk and prepared 6 oz for him. ANd he didn't get back to sleep. So while he had his milk, I recited qur'an by lying next to him. Bathed him after he finished his milk and had a very happy chat with him while preparing him till I sent him to school.

Alhamdulillah he looked OK and can even waved me goodbye. really hope that aloof little guy can adapt and participate on the educational activities in the school. Amiinnnn


Kniedaz said…
insha Allah, Xiyad will be a great boy at school (and home) ^_^
HEMY said…
thanks for the pray kniedaz
Masy said…
lepas dah ok gi school, bole la bisik benda lain kat xiyad..

xiyad budak baik
xiyad suka gi school
xiyad nak adik
xiyad nak adik reramai
xiyad akan tdo lepas isyak sampai subuh
kamon xiyad

HEMY said…
hahahaha betol juga tu...nanti aku buat