Kembara Ukhwah Agnieszka chp 1 & 2

When I was about to commit to my dream, owning a superbike..I have already set some priorities and plans ahead. And riding to Songhkla, Pattaya, Krabi etc are not in my top priorities though. Well, I would love to join a ride there, but not THAT excited to do so. Unlike most of the new bikers, riding there is on top of the priority list. Hehe

Having breakfast at Tanjung Malim, Layan Leper at Karak, Bentong, riding here and there just for a breakfast is also not in the top priority. Again, I would love to ride for breakfast out of KL once a while, but not that gila gila wanna do it. So so.

One of the plan I set was to meet as many as my old friends that I haven't met for along time. For me rather than riding here and there for breakfast just with your fellow bikers, I personally think it's better for me to set a time and date in the weekend morning and ride to meet friends of mine and catching up with them. It's far more meaningful for me.

So I have named my ride plan as KEMBARA UKHWAH AGNIESZKA. yes...sounds poyo..lantak ar..hahahahhaa. The short form would be a malay slang for keluar, out. Catchy tu.

"Cembam, abe nak KUA esok pagi jumpa member". Tak ke catchy tu. kekekeke

My first KUA was at Sabak Bernam, my hometown. And it was my first out of KL ride. I was leaving Sabak that evening and called my old bestie - Fariz Asmuni, Ahli Bomba berjaya. A very dear friend of mine since my primary school era. He was out of Sabak to begin with. But somehow in that evening, he was riding back to Sabak and I was about to leave Sabak. So we met at Sungai Besar, Restoran Al-Kassim.

Fariz was my childhood friends. We grew up together for years. We went into the same primary and secondary schools. We kinda first met when we were 6. My house was right behind the Tadika and when my parents went out to buy some groceries, they will left my siblings and I at the Tadika. Sempoi je dulu bole tinggal anak kat tadika. We played around with the tadika girls and boys (we were not sent to any tadika) and sometimes we even joined the tea time.

We played badminton, takraw and learned Taekwon-Do together. Well, I joined 3 years after he joined. NO money ma..And one of our best moment was when we always being paired during sparring. Well Fariz is higher level than me. But when I took the belt-promotion exam, Fariz will be asked to step up and paired with me during the free sparring session. We have chemistry during the sparring. We know when to back a bit so that the one of us can do a spinning kick or etc while not getting caught in it and accidentally getting hit for real.

We hang out after graduation when he was stationed at Balai Bomba Pantai. But then he was relocated to Klang and now he successfully relocated to his hometown, Sabak Bernam. A place where we played takraw together too. Just that the court is no more due to new buildings. I always hang out at his parents' house after Taekwon-Do class, eat, bath, sleep just like my own house. His Parents are also Ok with me and sometimes even left me at their house to look after. Ahhh...what a nice memory. Alhamdulillah we still keep in touch and now he's in Sabak Bernam, I would just roger him out to have a quick teh tarik session just next to the balai bomba.

And my 2nd KUA was with one of my first colleagues when I was working at AQIL IT company right after graduation. NAHRUL KHAIR. Well, we called him Nahar. Nahar is younger than me by years. We worked together for around 6 months. We did so many things together while we were working. Outstation, jadi peon bonceng berdua and aku tersengguk bawak moto, dia dok hantuk kepala dia kt blkg kepala aku bagi sedor.

Stranded in hunger below the flyover while raining. Outstation at JB, family day at Langkawi. was indeed memorable moments. We paired up for many jobs installing network cabling for our client. And when we need to lay out the cable on top of the ceiling, it needed to be me coz Nahar at that time has a natural 10L pouch bag. kekekekeke. He was a food destroyer. I remembered his Mom bagi bekal nasi punya banyak, we ate together. I went to wash my hand, when I came back, done already!!!! Hahaha. He is a record holder for 75pcs burger eating. Same size like me, but bigger belly. HAHAHAHA

But that was an old story. Skang, firm body. No more pouch bag. Married and have a daughter aroun 4 year-old kot. I whatsapp him last Monday to set for a breakfast on Tuesday morning. Since he rides Z250 SL, we considered it a ride la.. Jauh tuu...pusing bahau, kuar LPT, turun gombak, and had our breakfast at seksyen 8 BB Bangi. HAHAHAHAAHA. Ride sangatttttt

Had a nice catch-up with him. Reminiscing the time when we was at AQIL and time flew so fast, we had to headed back to our home. 

Really nice to met my dear friends and I love to continue my KUA in the nearest future. Sometimes the morning timing is a bit of a challenge. I chose to have breakfast so that I had to wake up in the morning rather than sleeping till noon in the weekend. Nak bagi wiken tu bermakna lah kira. haaa

So my friends out there, let me know if we can have a breakfast session yah!!! I'll be heading there!!


Nahrul Khair said…
Yeahh. Igt lg ko ye 75 bijik burger tuh. Hahaha.. nikmat pada telan. Bukan kunyahan. Hahahaa. Thanks bro. Very appreciate that. Pasni kita ride le jauh2. Hahahaa.
HEMY said…
kalau nak polo KUA pun boleh..wiken ni kawan aku..wiken depan kawan ang..ok je..hehe
Masy said…
setakat shah alam apelah sangat ye tak, baru berdehem dah sampai. hahahahahaa
HEMY said…
hahaha pastu kuar2 muka sememeh je kan amek kopok..kekekekeke
Nahrul Khair said…
This week busy skit. Ramai org kenduri. Maybe boleh di ketengahkan.. apa2 wasap2 hehehe