KST Motorrad Honda Gathering and Port Dickson Ride

Last Saturday, KST Motorrad Shah Alam organized a ride event for Honda bikers at Seksyen 25. The event was promoted by our Malaysia Honda CB CBR 650F, Zab Hadi around a month ago. We submitted our name to book the free t-shirt for the event. I was really looking forward to it because it was my first convoy I've ever joined.

I wanna see how the discipline among the bikers, why they did that and this etc. But unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I could not join them during the official launch of the ride which was after Zuhur. I had to go back home and waited at RNR Seremban.

I rode solo from my house via elite to RV at Mufors Gallery. And it was a very nice morning ride, less cars and somehow I managed to get a grip on myself and confidently try to get as fast as I could. I reached 230kmh but just for few seconds and slowed down right after I saw cars ahead of me.

Then I reached Mufors when one of my 650F friend was already there waiting. But because the rest haven't arrived yet, I had to let my friend waited for the others coz I need to pick up my camera that was left at my sister's house and delivered the keropok lekor to Masy.

My Agnieszka

Waited for Masy who thought I would be arriving like 1-2 hours later..hehe. And then I went straight to KST Motorrad after few times stopping by the road to check the google map.

KST Motorrad Shah Alam Honda Gathering

There were already many Honda machine owners that have arrived. I was so excited because my bike is a new model that just in the market last November. SO seeing almost 40 bikes of the same family sure was exuberantly wonderful!!

Everyone was registering themselves to get the t-shirt and the RM30 petrol voucher from the organizer. During this event, all accessories were sold at 10% discount. So quite a few of them took the chance to buy what they've been looking for.

Thanks to Bro Zuazrin for installing the safety nut for us. Thanks again bro Z!!

 Our president, Zab Hadi

Then we helped ourselves with the food and around 11A.M, I had to leave the place and headed home. Family matter.

Around 2:30PM, my fellow rider whatsapp me saying that they are going to kick-off from Shah Alam. But at that same time, Xiyad was playing with me, making me like his own private slide, climbing me here and there and Cembam was taking a nap after the house-cleaning session. So I had to make sure Xiiyad took his nap first before headed out.

Unfortunately, no one managed to update me that they have already arrived at RNR Seremban and when I reached there, they have actually left the place and I waited for them around an hour. And when I was about to make decision whether to go to PD alone or go back home, someone whatsapp a picture that they have already arrived. So, I shoot there solo.

So nice la the highway from Seremban exit towards PD. So few cars and I managed to learn how to control Agnieszka while throttling up to the max. Huuu..scary but slowly the confidence overcame the terror. Alhamdulillah. And I managed to arrive when everyone was still there.


Not a good panorama mode capture because of the human movement element, but enough to get the full line up of the bikes

 The red clan

 The grey clan

 The trico clan

And the CB clan including the CB500

Zab Hadi, MalaysiaHonda CB&CBR650F President
Our president with his charm. Some aweks who wanted to take photos with the bikes

Abam Izdi Southern Tribe

Abam Izdi from the Southern tribe of the family. Thank you brothers from the south who managed to come and made the event merrier. They kicked-off a bit earlier from PD. Thanks again. See you guys again.

 The southern tribe

 Pak yuu Fizi tak amek gambar aku..hahaha..

 From left, Fizi, Iqbal, Azman the Lover and Seghi the single doctor

Then we just had some evening tea session before we headed home. Well honestly, I still didn't get all the names of them. Well, some just had a few seconds mingling though and I can't remember the name they told me just for once for sure.

Alhamdulillah everyone arrived home safely.


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