Jailbreak 8.1.2 : How to install apps from Appcake successfully

I just completed my jailbreak for the latest ios 8.1.2 yesterday when I didn't really have much to do in the office. Kekeke. But rather than restoring my 4S like the usual step for jailbreaking, I just directly jailbreak my 4S using the TaiG. Well, it's worth a try though. If it's unsuccessful, you can just started back from the restore default step like they advised you to.

Well, for my case, the jailbreak was a success, there's no need to restore from backup etc (although I've done all the backup and download the ISPW).

The first thing to do is to have the right sources added into your Cydia. Well, I just focus on installing the Appcake and install back my favourite apps. But you can refer to this "Best IOS 8 Cydia Resources" here if you wana know more.

And that was when I discovered, the new 8.1.2 jailbreak has issue with installing the app from Appcake and you have to find the right Appsync to do it. I tried numerous appsync from different sources to no avail until I found my solution.

1. I removed all my previous Appsync
2. I add Insanelyi repo
3. I Installed the Appsync Unified and also the Appcake (4.85 version ) from Insanelyi
4. And the app can now be installed successfully.

Well, the day you write this entry of mine, there's probably more ways to make it successful. But to whom still searching for a solution, feel free to try this. It works for me. Oh, then you can update the 4.9 Appcake or I do think the Appcake from other source should work as well.