Autumn UK trip 2014 FINALE

Alast!! The Autumn UK Trip log has come to an end. After taking around 3 months..hahahahaha!! Anyway, better late than never..a wisdom that maybe came from some little prick that just using it as an excuse perhaps at that time sure does it's purpose. Kekeke

So for the last day in UK, I've already planned to drive through the first route that we used when we headed to Sheffield from the airport on day 1. However, not knowing how to actually reach there, and just following the GPS, we were brought to the same route that we have been using the past days going out from Sheffield. Takde rezeki to get a nice picture near the lake..sob sob..

Thats how I look from behind when snapping pictures!!
Picture taken from Cembam's handphone. Me photographing the scenery for the last time

Anyway, since we headed out early, we decided to visit one of the stadium there and we picked Etihad stadium because my brother in-law si Ekal tu minat Manchester City. Ok lah..So we stopped by the stadium first before heading to the airport.

Manchester City Etihad Stadium

Manchester City Etihad Stadium

Manchester City Etihad Stadium

I bought a mug from the souvenir shop and Ekal bought a jersey, his most expensive souvenir from UK. He didn't pick the one with any name printed. He preferred a blank jersey

And the game that night, Manchester City lost. HAHAHAHAHA. All because of Ekal purchased their jersey. Badi. Kekekeke

Acik, Ekal and I dropped off the others at the airport with the luggages and headed to the car-rental park to return back the 9-seater volkswagen. But the GPS really irritated us this time. We were being lead to a dead-end, had to violate a no-right turn right in front of a police car, and finally arrived at the right place

It took a while there when they were checking up the condition of the car thoroughly. I think only after 30 minutes we left the place still praying that there wouldn't be any traffic summons issued to us. 

The luggage screening was a tough one. Damn.. They even threw away my hot water inside the flask because they allowed it only for children below 2. Fart!! And right after that Xiyad was asking for his milk. Well, the officer said I can just ask for a hot water anywhere inside from the shops. But the aura coming from those people and the shops were not like Malaysians.. In Malaysia, I felt much more comfortable where I feel it's really easy to approach any shops to ask for hot water. Well Malaysians in that essence is better.

So I chose to buy a cup of coffee to get the free hot water.

We transitted at Turki Airport for 2 hours or 3 hours, I didn't remember. We've already exchanged few pound to Turkish Lyra but the airport prefers US dollar. Fart!! I only bought a mug that will remind me of Turki and headed to the departure hall. 

Flights to Malaysia were delayed that night. Even for the other airlines. We met a few malaysian in the departure hall, but none that would smile like how we usually do in Malaysia. Even in the bus towards the plane, hard to smile. Only when we touched down in Malaysia, they became Malaysians. Macam jilake..baru nak senyum2..pakyu betol. 

And to end my UK trip, I left my glasses on the plane. Damn it. I ran towards the exit door, but it was already locked. Caught a security lady and asked me if I could get access to go back to the plane. When she was looking for solution, we spotted a flight crew, pilot maybe coming out from the exit. So she asked about my glasses and fortunately managed to get it back from the crew. Whewww!!!

So that's the end of our unplanned UK trip. Kinda scratching my head with all those money spent, but this kind of opportunity wont come when we are ready. Acik will be finishing her PHD around this year, and if we were to go there by ourselves, gonna cost more though. Alhamdulillah selamat pergi dan sampai. An experience we will never forget.