Alhamdulillah, our own kitchen cabinet

Have been dreaming, imagining and hoping to have our own kitchen cabinet one day when we purchased our home few years back. Alhamdulillah, finally by His rizq and permission, we managed to installed our own's that has just completed last weekend.

After a visit to one of the kitchen cabinet showroom at BB Bangi, checking out the estimated price, we decided to take the Kitchen Cabinet Murah's service which can be found in the facebook, just search the name.

They are malay companies which both specialized in kitchen cabinet and table top design and installation. After sessions of negotiation, measurement, cabinet installation, table top installation and lastly the plumbing adjustment, it's ready to be used. Just nicely timed with the visit of my whole family including My sister's family from Australia..Alhamdulillah

Cost? Surely that's the question you want me to answer right. It costs me RM12,250. 8ft x 7ft lower and upper cabinet, including solid surface table top, the hood (I dont know what do u call it), sink, Microwave oven, plumbing adjustment, installation..all in one price.

And the standard measurement of the kitchen cabinet height is 23 inches, but I took 40 inches to satisfy Cembam's need to store anything as she could ever dream. HAHAHA. So, the additional 17 inches with that price, not that bad huh?

So now the only thing left is to organize which should be put in which cabinet and surely I'm gonna be involved in this exercise coz u can see that you need to use the ladder to fill up the upper cabinet. huhu..

Well, consider it a token of appreciation, and love towards my wife. hehehe


zonaku said…
so sweet...
but not only filling IN the cabinet, also above it. hahah