Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 9 - Edinburgh Castle

The final destination of our UK Autumn Trip was Edinburgh Scotland. Driving from Travelodge hotel quite early this time and our plan that day was to visit the castles.

Entered the Edinburgh City and towards the Castle entrance to be told by the security guard that tourists need to park around the city as no cars are allowed to enter the castle yard. So we went down back a bit and found a metered-parking area situated in front of this building.

UK Autumn Trip - Edinburgh City




Thumb down for the machine

Unfortunately, the parking machine was quite a lousy one. We struggled to put in the coins into the machine and after a certain period of time, it will vomit back all the coins that we have entered in. Arghhh...Luckily there's another option to make the parking payment..thanks to the technology, Acik paid it via the phone and alast!!!

There's a park below the parking nice, but didn't manage to take photos in the park. =[


And when we were about to walk to the castle, Xiyad ngade taik kuda. He didn't want to sit in the stroller nor being carried by any of us. Meronta-ronta mengada2. Rasa nak sebis kuda je beliau bagi berguling ke bawah masuk ke taman tadi.

He cried for quite a while till I forced him into the stroller and gave him his milk. Aigooo..

UK Autumn Trip - Edinburgh City

This building was just at the T-Junction that leads to the parking area. A nice english style building that has been preserved till now...captivating..

UK Autumn Trip - Edinburgh City 

So here we are EDINBURGH CASTLE!!!


SubhanAllah cantekkkkk

We came from this side. So you can just imagine, if we are coming out from the castle, we will be walking down there to the center of the city.

lets' go inside shall we....

Ni kt bhgian dalam..maybe kalau musuh dah dapat masuk..masih ada chance di ambush dr atas tu...



We just had a glimpse of what is inside the castle, took some pictures a bit, but didn't buy the ticket for the castle tour..takde apa sangat kot..benda2 dh penah tengok dalam tv je (ayat sedapkan ati taknak kuar duit..hahahahaha)


Ni view dari bahagian lain menghadap laut

 Dah memang tak mboh masuk..keluar lah kita...


This is just by the entrance to the castle


We headed down a bit and dropped by the first souvenir shop that we saw. I'm gonna continue the rest of Edinburgh City in the next entry..Too many nice pictures to be uploaded..huhu


zonaku said…
nice view!

ko x bagi ke dia jalan sendiri? bosan agaknya dok dalam tu
HEMY said…
dia jalan taknak, dukung taknak...dok dalam stroller pun taknak masa ni...saja mengada..
pergi mkn kt kmpung ali
tiga lalat said…
Salam. Hee sungguh seronok trip Uk.
Anonymous said…
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