Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 8: Riverside Museum (Transport Museum)

It was drizzling when we came out of the Kelvingrove Museum. Luckily, it's a really soft drizzle so we continued our visitation hours walking towards the new Transport Museum which is know as Riverside Museum. We just followed the signboard and walked for about 10 minutes.

As the name suggested, the Riverside Museum is situated by the river that flows along the city. Our car park was also by the river. We crossed the river by following the under-bridge route.

Some graffiti on the under-bridge tunnel wall. I walked behind Cembam while checking out our surroundings. Well, it was rather secluded from the crowd. Just be cautious and careful.


And here we are..Riverside Museum accompanied by soft droplets from the sky.


The rest of the family had already gone into the museum.

We checked out the souvenir shop first looking for a nice mug or fridge magnet as a token of memory being here. Unfortunately non to our liking and it costs quite expensive for a giat-mara level of product. koff kofff

All kind of transports from few generations back. Oh and it's a free admission.


There's a quiz-game kiosk in front of these bikes' corner where we played for a while before leaving the place


ANCAP test car


There is a 2nd floor of the Museum tapi we all malas dah nak jenguk.hahahaha


Outside of the Museum, you can take a river cruise.


And last but not least, we sat for a while in the Harry Potter train...puuttt putttt....hehehehehe

And then, we off for our lunch break. We have been saying that we still having rice in this UK land since the beginning of the trip. So I wanted to have fish n chip and everyone agreed to the idea. So we searched for a Turkish or Halal food outlet that sells Fish n Chip and we managed to find one.

This was when Xiyad buat perangai menangis mengada2 taknak duduk dalam stroller. Angkat plak mengada2 taknak dokong. Bila kita taknak dokong, dia angkat tangan mintak dokong. Senang citer dia, menganjing lah beliau itu. Menangis meraung..Aku forced je masuk dlm stroller tu and sorong..menangis meraung2..

Masuk dlm kedai pun nangis tak berhenti. Mak dia plak tak bawak susu. Sabo je lah. Aku bior kan kt tepi jalan sejuk2 tu, tak benti gak nangis..last2 aku dokong gi van, buatkan susu and sumbat, baru nak senyap...Adeehh.bengkek je. Dia bukan nangis pasal susu pun..susu tu sbb dh penat melalak. Saje MENGANJING~~~

So masing2 yg muda order fish n chip. Ayoh ngn Acik n Ekal kot order lain. Ayoh nasi juge la cam biasa. Aku mula tu ckp kat Cembam, nk share tak..uiiihhh dia kata lapoooo takut tak cukup. Nah amek..selonggok Chips...Fish dia plak takde bagi tartar sauce or thousand island tu...lemon pn takdak. memang muak lah. Chip dia tu smpi ke esok tak habeh. HAHAHA

Lepas makan, Ayoh kata nak terus ke hotel. Mulanya sume dok kata awal lagi. Dalam pukul 4 ptg kot masa tu. Tp Ayoh cakap, sekali ni biar smpi hotel bukan malam. Kalau dan, kuar la balik malam. Oklah..aku ikut je. Ok gak..asek2 malam je drive ke hotel.

So this time I drove during daylight towards our next Travelodge hotel.


Sekali hotel tu jauh dr pekan daa..HAHAHAHA. Nak kuar balik paddiaa..memang tak ah. Mujur ada petrol pump yg ada Costa and makan2. Tapi kat bilik ada sachet nescafe..buat nescafe je lah. So malam tu kami tidor awal. Aku paling awal. Smpi2 tu nak dekat maghrib gak. AKu tidor terus while yg lain mandi makan smua.

Time sume dh start nk tido baru aku bangun mandi, makan and layan Hitman kat TV smpi abeh. hahahahaha.



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