Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 7: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

It was a very nice night in Travelodge Glasgow. We kinda had a slow start that morning. Bilik aku paling malas skali nak bersiap. My room like usual, my father in law, my Heykal my BIL and Cembam with Xiyad. So for sure no action lo...HAHAHAHAHA.

We had our breakfast and headed out. The usual routine, arranging the stuffs inside the van, making sure Xiyad's stroller can be easily brought out to be used.

So I drove towards the location that has been set in the GPS - the Transport Museum that has changed its name, moved to a new location and called Riverside Museum. Unfortunately, the GPS was not updated and we couldn't find Riverside Museum in it. So I just assumed, the location of the new museum wouldn't be that far.

So after 30minutes driving, we arrived at the old location of the Transport Museum. Parked there with a sufficient estimated parking fee, we headed out and walked under the cold weather. The Riverside Museum has it's signboard placed near the parking area.  But we decided to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum first because the building has caught our eye since we entered the area.


Ayoh dah tak sabor nung nak berjalan..kekekeke..Xiyad cam biasa..tak koser dia nak jalan sejuk2 tu.


With Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum as the background.




Macam biasa...gambar kittew takde..hahahaha. Ok layan je la gambar sekitar dalam Museum ni ye. Ok la nak lawat sambil panaskan badan bila dh kesejukan tu kan. Masuk adalah percuma.









So, as the name suggested, it's a place of artwork, painting (which I realized I didn't take any photo of them =( ), stuffed animals, bones and skeletal figures and etc. It also provides a corner for people who brought their own meal to have an indoor picnic too.


Masy said…
bole makan dalam muzium?
zonaku said…
best blh piknik dlm muzium.

er... vas tu cam geli je, cam ada ular betul2
HEMY said…
ada satu corner kat tingkat yang ada souvenir shop..bukan tingkat museum pameran la..