Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 5: Cheshire Oak Outlet & Liverpool

Yeah yeah..Assalamualaikum...Mari continue bahagian kelima Autumn UK Trip entry..hehehe

Okeh..Day 3, we all headed to Cheshire Oak Outlet. Yang ni lagi besar and lagi banyak pilihan dia daripada Bicester Outlet Village. I think we headed out a bit late la that day because we arrived there almost noon.

This is the view from my sister's apartment window.

I drove along a new route this time. The view from both sides..SubhanAllah..lawa sangat. But as a driver..mampu tengok dan nikmati je lah. Recorded in my piece of mind. But I handed Cembam the camera and asked her to snap pictures along the journey. Ok la..dari takde...

The route is like Jalan Jabor la senang cerita dia..Wide road but just few area yang ada bahu jalan khas for cars to stop. SOme of the stop are quite suitable to have a quick stop and take out your camera..snap snap!! But again, timing and the destination was important, so I couldn't stop..sob sob..





Haa..Ok la jugak least you guys can see how the views are along the journey. Mekasih Cembam for the pictures.

Ni aci snap je while driving. I tried to let u guys knows the view and the feel when you are driving along the autumn trees..sangat nice.


Kalau ada yang red or purple colour punya trees mesti lagi best kan?

And here we are, Cheshire Oak Outlet..Time to do shopping!!! Yeahhh... Okay, I have few things that I wanted to buy.

1. Pants. Something like track bottom, but with extra pockets on both sides belah peha tu. I wanted the dri-fit material..not like the khakis type tu. Well, I prefer track suit better though =)
2. Overgrip sebalang which until the end of journey tak jumpa
3. Watch

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Cheshire Oaks Outlet

Cembam spotted a nice snickers at the Asics Outlet. We checked for the best price shoes and found one pair with a nice design at most importantly, the right size. Masa ni everyone scattered. Ekal has set his mind to buy a new Nike snickers. Yang lain pun dah ada misi masing2. Sports Direct sini pun besar. I've keep on checking things with the best deal. Yes, I keep converting while looking at the price. Huhu.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Cheshire Oaks Outlet

In the end, I found the pants that I want from Sports Direct Outlet. Oh, I just wear 3/4 pants je masa ni. The Adidas 3/4 pants yang aku selalu pakai tu. Ok la, kaki tak terasa sejuk sangat pun compare with your hands kan.

Then I bought a pair of Nike jeans. Yeah..u guessed why I bought one? Coz it's just 10pound..Yeahuuu!! Siap ada tali tau..Size 30..ok la..Eventhough my size is 28, ada tali tu ok je. And I bought 2 pairs of socks for a bit cheaper that Malaysia price. Cembam bought a pair of jeans from GAP if I'm not mistaken and baju utk anak2 buah aku pun beli sini.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Cheshire Oaks Outlet

Tau2 dah pukul 2 petang. Masa ni baru Cembam kata "nak beli handbag". Bwahahaha..waklu..dah 2 jam baru nk beli handbag. Padahal handbag ni la yang take time nak beli. Patut aim awal2 lagi. But yelah, we didn't find any handbag outlet at the side that we have been lurking around. Rupanya side belah sana baru ada Outlets2 handbag and also Fossil tu.

At this time ayoh dah selesai smua dah. Waiting inside the van. Kami pun bergegas to the other side. It was drizzling plak tu..windy..fuhh..sejjuukkkk..Xiyad was left inside the van as well. So we hurriedly looking for a handbag. Tapi I saw Fossil Outlet. Belek2 the watches for the best price..Jumpa yang 50Pound je and quite nice. I just aimed for the black stainless steel watches. So lepas beli, belek2 yang pompuan, cembam didn't really decide to buy takpe lah.

Pastu teringat plak birthday mak end of November. So alang2 beli souvenir, beli yang best la merangkap hadiah besday. Cari2 yang best deal..jumpa jam mak.. Around 35Pound. And I chose that because, ada unit yang sama sebelah dia, rega 50pound. The staff had to double check and confirmed that for a limited time, they marked down the price for that unit. Yeahuuuu!!! So I bought one. And you know what, I stumbled upon the same unit semalam kat Alamanda, it costs Rm450 mak punya tu. Haaa..Beli sana 35Pound je..yeahuuu lagi.

And finally Cembam managed to get a handbag that suited her taste. Satisfied, we left the place while trudging the windy and drizzling path towards the van. Nak makan natammmm!!!

We tried to search for the nearest jauh. So I drove around looking for a park and we decided to have the lunch just inside the van. It was very windy wehhhh. Above was the park that we stopped by. Chantekkk..There's a high school around the corner coz we could see high-schoolers walking home.

So we had our lunch in that windy noon accompanied with a hot Tea-O and a messy bonnet. And then we head off to Liverpool following the GPS. A smooth journey, right lane all the time, no honking no blocking by slow cars on the right lane..superb!!

And for the first time being in UK, we encountered the toll..It's an automatic toll where you need to prepare the exact amount of the pay coz there's no change provided. And do you know how you give the system your pence? Nope, not the insert note or coins like you usually see. There's 'mouth', the size of a normal basket for your rubbish where you can just throw your coins in it. I do think it works for coins only because the fee was around 1.60pound i think which will be in a form of coins usually. Not sure if it works on notes.

Then I drove along the underwater tunnel!! HUHUHU!! If you can see in the GPS, you are actually moving under the water..

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Liverpool

We searched for the Liverpool mosque and just enjoyed the cityscape along our journey.

One of the signboard of 'Liverpool women'. Seems like they are acknowledging the Muslims here. Alhamdulillah

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Liverpool Mosque

This is the Liverpool Mosque. It was windy and looked like it was about to rain. See the small whirlpool in the pic below..Huhuhu..

It was drizzling and windy and it's getting dark. The only place we could visit was the Albert Dock. But unfortunately, it was rush-hour time. everyone was getting out of the office. Jammed!!!

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Liverpool

But we really had to stop at Albert Dock even during that drizzling time. If not, our Liverpool would be really meaningless without stopping at any place other than the mosque. And plus, it was really jammed anyway.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Liverpool: Albert Dock

So ayoh and mok stayed inside the van while we went into the shops lots inside the Albert Dock. It was super windy. I was literally pushed by the wind!! I was really in need of Costa Coffee. There's a Costa Coffee shop there but I thought I would catch up with the girls first whom have already went inside while I was finding an empty parking spot.

I didn't bring my camera due to the drizzling. Tapi sempat la mintak Ekal amekkan gambar kenangan. Huhuhu..sejuk. Ekal said ketttoorr..tu yang gegor gambar..hahaha.

Mesti cantek kan kalau tak gelap nih..huhuhu..redha lah mai lambat and hari ujan cepat gelap ditambah plak siang pendek.

We just bought some souvenirs here. DIdn't remember if we did bought any fridge magnet as a token of "been here", but I bought a Liverpool tumbler here. hehehehe. Not a huge fan of liverpool though.

Ambek la gak gambar weh kenangan dah sampai sini. Pakai iphone pun Iphone lah..hehehe.

And a few more pictures I took while driving or stopping during the night drive in Liverpool heading back to Sheffield. Malam memang bawak 150-160kmh. Kalau tak bila nak sampainya. Masing2 penat. Mujur lane kanan tu memang tak macam lane kanan kat Malaysia..Dapat la sampai dengan selamat. Alhamdulillah...


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kalau lah ada kuasa teleport pergi mana2 je kan..mesti best...