Autumn UK trip 2014 - Part 4: Bicester Village and Oxford

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you..

Now let's continue!!So after we had our morning breakfast in the Travelodge Hotel Room not far from London City, we headed towards Bicester. The pronunciation is "Bister". Alhamdulillah, a good planning from Acik, we were driving on the opposite flow of heavy traffic towards the city. A smooth drive and we reached Bicester Village.

It was windy and cold. Ayoh pekena teh O panas dulu before starting the shopping spree. Hehehehe.

We reached there quite early. There was sooo many empty parking spaces still.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

Xiyad and his Angry Bird snow cap that came in handy finally. There's no way he could wear that in Malaysia..hehehe

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet VillageIMG_9288

Xiyad was enjoying the cool weather though. He didn't make a fuss of it. Just that he didn't really enjoy walking on his own. So either put him in the stroller (or they call it Pushchair in UK) or someone had to carry him.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

The brands here were kinda well..brandy? HAHAHAHA. I didn't really have anything to buy. It's a place for those who wears branded stuff and yes there are cheaper. But for non-branded people like me, it's just plain expensive. I was just trying to look for a tracksuit with more pockets on its sides but to no avail.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

One of the outlet here. Well after 5 tries, Cembam got the picture right!! HAHAHAHA. Thank you dear.

The iconic Public phone booth

I just had to check on Xiyad if it's too cold for him. Keep massaging his hands when I felt they were too cold. We had his gloves, but his hands are too small for them. Kekekeke.

Xiyad and Cuuuu (as called by Xiyad). It is advisable to buy hot chocolate or coffee from the shop so you can hold the cup and warm your hands at palms at the same know while waiting for the ladies picking and trying the handbaggggssss...

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

Mom bought beg ngaji, beg surau, beg yassin here. HAHAHAHA. Shopping sungguh. Bila lagi kan.. And, you can claim your VAT here directly..nice. You just need to tell the cashier that you are going to claim the VAT right away and they will prepare you a special receipt for it.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

Xiyad just need to sip on the hot chocolate every now and then to keep him happy. Hehehehe. You can imagine that he dug into the hot chocolate by bowing his head instead of you can see the circle of the cup mouth on his upper lips area and even his forehead!! hahahaha!!

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

And Xiyad would happily do the peace sign whenever you asked him to do so in front of the camera. HHAHAHA...I think kawan dia ajar kat nurseri kot.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Bicester Outlet Village

Ah, at least a pictures of front and at the back there..nice...

After around 2 hours spent there, we headed back into the van to warm up while waiting for the sisters claiming the VAT at the counter. Having the van temperature set to 25 degree was quite comfy. Xiyad layan kopok with Tok Ki while waiting.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Somewhere in Oxford

Then we planned to have our lunch or looking for a mosque within Oxford. Somehow we spotted "sports equipment shop" in the GPS and headed there. So here we were, somewhere in Oxford.

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Somewhere in Oxford

Autumn UK Trip 2014 - Somewhere in Oxford

But to a disappointment, the shop was a small one, and for sure I couldn't get the jar of overgrip that I was looking for. Within 15 minutes, we left the place and looking for "Bangladeshi Islamic Center" with the help of the GPS.

We drove inside Oxford University Campus area, looking at the nice park (but couldn't stop coz everyone was so wana have lunch =(, enjoying the autumn trees views.

While driving around looking for parking space, we spotted a few Halal Restaurants from inside the van. Turkish means halal there..Hope so. We parked on a Residence Permit area actually. These parking spaces means there are not for a simple word OK. Huhu.

We managed to find the Bangladeshi Islamic Center a.k.a the mosque but Ayoh said we gonna have our lunch first. Okay.

Ayoh is like Ultraman during the blinking red light where they become stronger, firing laser and ended the fight? Yes the same power. Ayoh can walk fast when he was in search of food..KEKEKEKE. tertinggal kitorang kat belakang.

After few minutes walk, we stopped in a Turkish Restaurant. We had a costy meals there. Unfortunately when we finished our lunch and headed back to the Bangladeshi Mosque, it was locked. Probably it opened when the prayer time only. 

So we headed back to Sheffield while looking for a stop to have our sweet prayer time. After around 45 minutes driving, somehow I took the wrong roundabout exit and had to fill up the gas. And luckily, the pump station had a toilet. One note, its kinda hard to find a pump station with toilet in UK. So, syukuuurrrr Malaysia punya pump station biasanya ada toilet. 

And somehow....when I peeked behind the pump station, there's a motorcycle accessories  shop behind it!!! Wow!!! I went into the shop to scout while the rest was busy using the toilet. I moved the car to the empty parking space next to the motorcycle accessories shop and we decided to pray there coz it was so suitable for us. 

I performed the jamak prayer and headed back to the shop right after that while the rest were waiting in the van. The shop name is J&S Accessories and it happened to be one of the biggest name in motorcycle accessories wo (googled it last 2 night). It's the Oxford branch. I was looking for a waterproof jacket. Almost bought the 179pound black jacket before I laid my eyes on an ON-SALE red and white jacket which was originally 169pounds and it was offered 119.90pound. So I took that instead right away!! I didn't really know whether it was cheap or not. But logically, there were lots of stuff inside there so probably its cheaper in a way coz they bought in a huge number

So I spent my firs pound money buying something for myself and it cost me around RM650. And after googling and asking, it was a good deal and it was an original jacket!! Yeayy!! If I managed to claim the 20pound VAT..I could save more though.

And we headed back home to Sheffield to end the day..yeayyy~~~~


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the one in front the polo building one x macam ko pun, & the second pic made me read again & again to understand. so, ko n pic belakang mmg x serupa. hahahahaah