Xiyad the SuperAloof boy

Xiyad is a super aloof boy in front of others during his daycare at the nursery. He would only be his exuberant self with the nanny/teacher whom he feels really comfortable. Or should I say, the one who really tried to befriend with him.

Well for me, I am grateful for it in a way. I keep saying to him, to his teacher that if his aloofness makes him a good obedient boy during the daycare, we are grateful for it. Let him run wild, jumping here and there, running, crashing and make a mess in his own house. Seriously Xiyad is his own unleashed version when he reached home. kekekeke.

Cembam managed to get a glimpse on how Xiyad is during the daycare when the nursery held a small Hari Raya party for the toddlers months back. Since the timing was around 4P.M which usually the time when Xiyad is already at home, Cembam had to send him back to the nursery. So I suggested Cembam to might as well joined it to take photos. She asked the teacher, and they were OK about it.

So the first thing Cembam got to know was the fact that Xiyad has a favourite spot. Right after he entered the nursery he trotted his way towards a spot next to the television and sat there looking at his friends, observing and smiling every now and then. Alololo..anak ayah..gitu pulok.


Xiyad didn't even bother to join the flock scavenging the food. "Lantak ekau la..aku tengok je..sah2 dapat gak". KEKEKEKEKE!!!


These are Atikah (left) and Iris (Right). Aku berkenan kat Iris tu..kekeke..but Atikah is the one who would come out to the door everytime Xiyad arrived, calling Xiyad to come in and she would grab Xiyad's hand and walk him in. How sweet~~~~.

Iris recently did the same, and Atikah was trying to shake Iris' hand from Xiyad's. Hahahaha. And I was saying "jangan berebutkan Xiyad ye..." hahahahhahaa!!! Thanks Atikah for being Xiyad's guardian angel. hehe


Xiyad with Teacher Wanie. Well Wanie, like the previous teachers would whatsapp me some pictures of Xiyad once in a while and I'm so thankful everytime I received one knowing Xiyad is fine.

Alhamdulillah...I never have any problem with the nursery despite of the high turnover rate. We are planning to move Xiyad to a new nursery with more learning-oriented. But let's see la..