Komuter KTM..after 9 years...holy crap!!

This week is a bit busy with arranging and coordinating the offshore system training that I'm in charge of. As the manager requested it to be held in Kota Kinabalu Office, I have to plan in advance, and get everything confirmed earlier so that the firm date can be notified to the participants that are coming from KL and also Norway. Everything has came together Alhamdulillah..

Next week, I will be outstation for the whole week. Mesti rindu Xiyad and Cembam..hehe. Xiyad is very attached to me since Hari Raya. He keeps hugging me. During after-bath and when we were playing. Even at Surau while waiting for the after-prayer doa, he would climb and hug me numerous time..=]. But I'm grateful that he would obediently sit at the back corner of the surau, not running here and there till the prayer is finished. Alhamdulillah..

Oh..OK..i wanna share my experience using KTM Komuter after 9 years since my last time using it.

I had to take the komuter to the office last Monday because my motorcycle battery was KAPUT!! I took the komuter from Bangi station. First thing I noticed, there were many people waiting to the far away spot..it appeared that the komuter train was a long one and the door entrances reached that far spot that those people were waiting. But when I did the same, I realized that those spots are for the women coaches..Damn it!! I had to walk to the other coaches once I realized it.

Everything was smooth during my way to the office despite of not getting a seat..sob sob.

When I reached KL Sentral from Jalan Ampang on my way back home, I realized a looong queue of people at the manual ticket counter. Wow..so I walked towards the ticket machine. After waiting for quite sometimes..you know..the machine that keep on 'spitting' back the note that you have inserted in?? It still happening after 9 years!! And you can't blame the person because its the machine fault!! And finally my turn. And rightaway I realized that the machine doesn't accept new notes!! FUCK!! Wasting my waiting time in the queue!! I looked back at the manual counter, the queue was still a long one.

Okay..I went to a shop, and asked a change for my RM20 notes for an old version of Rm10 note. And I got it!! NOw I queued back at the machine...I inserted my old-version RM10 note..and you know what happened?? It said "cant return change". Maybe because my fare was RM3.70 only?? WTF!!! After 9 years, the machine still behave like that with a big poster "WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF UPGRADING THE SYSTEM" fuck you!!!!

As I didn't manage to change my Rm10 note to an RM5 old-version note!!! I had to queue up at the manual counter. It was then I realized, my phone that was 55% battery when I first reached KL Sentral was now 1% and puff..without me getting the chance to update my wife as when to pick me up!!

Nevermind, surely the public phone is still available at the station right? Right? I mean 9 years only maa since my last time using it. So again, no luck with an empty seat...I stood from KL Sentral to Bangi. I spotted the public phone right away.

Inserted coins
Dialling my wife (luckily still can memorize the number albeit of the no-dialling era)
Got connected, but nothing happened
Coined swallowed
Unsuccessful call

OMG!!! WHAT THE FUCK!! And it was maghrib already. So the last thing I had to do was walked to a guy that was playing his IPAD or NOTE..I dunno, I didn't pay much attention on it and asked his courtesy to use his phone and texted my wife. He asked me to just give her a call rather than text her. Oh thanks man!!

And Cembam fetched me up after 10 minutes. Why not taxi?? Oh..there was only 1 taxi at that time, and it happened to be fetching the driver's wife and the backseat has already been booked by 3 young fella that looked like a college student.

Wow..it has been 9 years and you didn't even change one bit KOMUTER!! As SUCKS as ever!!


syalinda johari said…
hahahahhaa..teringat stesyen komuter serdang...
sebab tu i selalu bawa touch n go ke mana2 hihihi..

dan power bank kih3
zonaku said…
a good review.

i tried once to attend a conf in KLCC few years back.

berdebar sebab rush hour, then rupanya guna gerabak tambahan, old train coach & ada LIPAS!!! scary!!!
HEMY said…
syalinda..komuter serdang dengan berhimpit2 nye lagi kan

GKSB : kebetulan bini pakai powerbank the day before, tak letak balik dalam beg..kita plak igt 50% bateri tu ok je smpi umah

lipas ngn awang itam mana lagi scary zonaku?
Jard The Great said…
gelak aku baca ini.. so lepas neh ko bann ktm la? hehehe
HEMY said…
nak ban camne dh kalau tu je means of transportation nye..kena lebih bersedia je lah