Kisah Laundri Le Meridien

I just got back from Pulau Manukan. I didn't manage to go for Island hopping for 2 reasons;

1. My camera battery was depleted and I dont wana go island hoping without taking pictures freely
2. I started my island visit at 2PM when everybody else started at 8A.M. That's because, in the morning I waited for my battery to be fully charged. I sent it to a camera shop, paid RM5 and picked it up around 2PM before going to Jesselton Point 

Haha.Ok I'll story about Manukan later. So back to the story. Semalam I sent my clothes for laundry. It was my first time tho since I only prepared my clothes for just a 4-night stay but extended to a week stay. After confirmed by my secretary and HR that I can claim for it, I called the laundry guy and was surprised with the prices. What do you expect..hotel ma.

Okay..but then after around 2 hours, I got a call from the recep saying that my pink collar t-shirt was stained/bleached from my black jeans. Hmm Okay..but the other clothes are not affected. So I don't think it's my fault right? Something probably caused the pink t-shirt to be the only cloth that was affected. So the person in-charged even came to my room door and showed me the t-shirt. Yes, it was stained with bleached-black spots all over it. I didn't actually know how should I react. Should I asked for compensation? Discount? 

So I instinctively said that I need the shirt for my Monday work and asked him what should I do. So the person in charged informed me that they will try to search for the same t-shirt or closely identical to it to replace it. I was like "hmmm woww" and agreed to it.

So when I came back from Manukan, my clothes have already been returned neatly in a plastic. I couldn't find my pink shirt. So I called the recep and the recep said she will check with the laundry department. And not long after that the laundry manager called me saying that he wanted to see me at my room. After a someone rang the bell, but it was the staff whom wanted to hand me the "coffee for 2" coupon that I asked for my extension stay. Nice..thanks Le Meridien. 

Then after a while, the bell rang and it was the Laundry Manager. He apologized to me politely and informed me that he couldn't find the same t-shirt. He already tried all the malls, parkson and even called the Parkson Manager about the stock. He only managed to find the same brand but not the same design.

So he said, the best he could compensate is 10 times the cost for the laundry. T-shirt is Rm15 a piece, so he can compensate for RM150 and I realized it was the same amount of my total laundry. RM150++. So at first I was saying, "Ok, just scrap RM150 from the laundry charge". But then I think again..the laundry is covered by my company. So I didn't get anything for my loss. The manager understood the situation and give me an option for cash compensation. So of course I take the cash compensation. It's my t-shirt that was ruined. And I even showed him that what special with my t-shirt is that the nice abstract font on the back of the collar. Well, I just wanted to emphasize how I like the shirt though.

So in the end of the day, Le Meridien has handled my incident so decently and professional. If it's the normal laundry shop, they gonna blame my jeans for sure. The Floor Manager and the Laundry Manager came just now to hand me over the compensation money and he said he hopes I would still choose Le Meridien in the future. When I was signing the compensation letter, I just told them not to fire whoever wash my laundry and they replied that it's not the case. They just briefed the guy how to handle such laundry in the future. OK. And the managers also said, the laundry bill is waived as well. Woww. Thank you for your professionalism and consideration Le Meridien. I appreciate it.


zonaku said…
that is one good customer service!
Masy said…
thorbaek rozithor!
arianna adrizal said…
bagus la mcmtu. kwn aku rosak (koyak) baju fav tp laundry buat dek. patut aku suh dia ganti or compensate ke. lurus sgt la kitorg ni.