Amazing Spiderman 2 & Captain America the Winter Soldier

The next entry of Hari Raya had to be postponed because, I haven't got the time to upload the pictures yet. Whenever Xiyad dragged me up to the bedroom and asked me to tuck him in, I would end up sleeping along..haha. As it has happened numerous times, now whenever I were to tuck him into bed, I will switch off all the light downstairs preparing IF I WOULD END UP SLEEPING for hours. 

Okeh..Just wanna relieve my urge to type something..nag about anything. Let me share you about 2 films that I've recently watched. The Amazing Spiderman2 and Captain America the Winter Soldier.  Well both are movies that have been released months back. 

For downloaders like me, I would usually be reminded about the film when it started advertised in the Astro First. And I would be like "oh..I haven't watch this one!!" and straight download them. Hehehehe.

Amazing Spiderman 2

Wow..I super love the opening of the movie man!!! It makes you feel how the Spiderman feel hanging, swinging, jumping in the air like that. And the way the movie shows the viewers how it looks up there is super awesome!! The movement of the spiderman are soooo detail!! Love them!!

The fighting scene is awesome as well. The scene where Spidey trying to catch up with the Green Goblin after he abducted Gwen was really awesome. How the Spidey had to spurted his web here and there, swinging here and there..immaculately done!!

Cant wait for the next film of it.


Hmm..somehow, I managed to watch this movie in a minimized screen while doing surfing. The storyline somehow appeared to be dull for me. I had to rewind so many times because I was doing something else while watching it and had to rewind to watch back the missing part. 

It didn't manage to make me drawn into it. But I just love Scarlet Johanson.. LOL!!