UM asasi registration day

on 25th May, I accompanied my youngest sister to register at UM for his asasi course along with my parents. We headed out around 7:30 to my sister's house at Shah Alam as my parents were spending the night there.

Going into campus area sure brought thousands of memories. Man, student life is the best moment in our life isn't it. I think most of us would agree. A less care about the outside world, we can buy so many things with that little scholarship money or the PTPTN which we would hesitantly buy it with our salary. HAHAHAHA.. Gaming and gaming. I only aimed to graduate as a degree holder, nothing more than that..let alone the CGPA..hahahaha..

Ok enough with the reminiscence.

After few minutes driving into the designated parking area where the PALAPES would usually have their kawad, we were asked to bring all of our stuff, left our car there and hitched on the bus that has been prepared by the management. 

Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. Kolej 12

At first I was like, what the Fart?!! Each student brought few family members and each of them has this huge bucket, basket, bags and lots more. For sure, 1 would occupied more than a seat to accommodate all the stuff.

But gladly enough, UM has prepared enough buses to cater the situation. So we didn't have to queue for long. The last thing we knew, we already arrived at 12th college. It situated very near to the sport complex, the swimming wooo

Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. Kolej 12

We waited for around half an hour while my sister did her college registration and acquired the room keys.

Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. Kolej 12

Nice lake just in front of the college. There are benches along the diameter for the student to have a peaceful study moment..yaa..right..hahahaha

Walking the toddlerKolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. Kolej 12

Masa ni la..Xiyad ngada-ngada. Asking to be carried in our arms. When we asked him to be on his feet, he asked his mom to walk along with him and almost out of the college gate. Hahahaa..sabar je la..penat mak dia layan

you love me, you love me not

Then I managed to make him occupy by playing with the flower petal. Gondol bunga..tapi kejap je..lepas tu..

Xiyad Crying..


Not long after that, finally my sister came towards us after earning her room key. The hostel apartment has elevators. So 5th floor is not a torture.

The room is smaller than my room when I was in UPM KTDI. I had bigger space, bigger locker, bigger desk. While My sister was sorting out other thing, I used that time to take a niceee nap. HAhahahaha.

Then we went home around zuhur time leaving my sister. I said my last words to her

"mak tak nangis pun tinggal ko..nampak sangat tak berapa nak sedeh, nak feeling2 macam kitorang dulu. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

Well, Mom has accustomed to it though. Untong la my sister, I gave her a complete bag full of stationary.  Sticky note, hard-cover notebook, you just named it. HAHAHAHAHA. Well, digital days, my stationary room here in the office felt so gloomy if it wasn't for someone like me. HAHAHAHA

Well, moga score 4 flat to earn your way towards your ambition to become a dentist sis!! Bhasyaaa!!!


zonaku said…
all d best HEMY's sis!

my youngest sis dl kat 5th, depan tu je. Then, aku sign borang scholar dia pun kat cafe 12th tu kalau x salah.

masa tu impian gaji besar sebab aku nk sign borang scholar adik. giler kan target aku?

good old days!
HEMY said…
lama dh la cafe tu ek...hmmm..zaman student yang besttt