KLIA2 feat. 2NE1 Come Back Home


Before I start with my nagging today, please enjoy one of the song that I've been enjoying these days. 2NE1 - Come Back Home. I purposely pick the dance practice version of the video because I love the dance choreography.

I know about this group from one of the Runningman episode. So, I get to know how their real life attitude before knowing them from their MVs. They are surely totally different people when they put their commitment to their work though.


Okay? Enjoy it? Hahaha..

Wanna share about my first visit to the KLIA2. Couple weeks back, we fetched up my sister in-law that departed from Kuala Terengganu via Air Asia. I even wear my jacket assuming the air-conditioning would be so chilling for me.

The route is the same as going to KLIA, only that you would exit to the left earlier. First better point than KLIA is the parking bay. I drove straight towards the "picking up area" like KLIA by following the "parking" signboard and to my surprise, the parking bay is just next to the main hall. It's in the same building, I managed to find an empty parking spot and just walked a few meters and I emerged into the main hall. Nice...Unlike KLIA where it's in the different building, you need to take the lift and walk few minutes to get to the main hall.

And it's huge...many shops. Just like a shopping complex. Going to the arrival hall needs to pass by few of the shops first.

As we were already planned to dine there and most of the dining places are fast food. Wanting to have other than KFC, we ended up dining at Nando's located at the third floor. It took us a while to find it though.

And we had a nice dinner together. 

 Xiyad frozen state. Dengan gambar ikan pun nak takut...haish..ikut genetik penakut mak dia sungguh. HAHAHAHA


zonaku said…
bukan penakut la... pemalu!
Masy said…
aku suke lagu ni!
Kniedaz said…
hahaha..kejung dia atas troli tu...jeling semacam je