Balik Kampung and the memories

Monday~~ It comes and goes without we even notice. Alhamdulillah, another Monday that I managed to live in..

Last wiken, I went back to my hometown after an agreement made by all of my sisters to gather around and had an outing at Teluk Batik after spending few hours at our Grandma's house. It's been a while since we last rallied at Grandma's. That's because Grandma was not always at her home. Sometimes my uncle brought her to stay at his house few nights now and then.

But it was the first time for my sister to bring her husband there. Hahahaha..Siap kena perli ngn nenek..amek kau.. But my BIL managed to crack a laughter out of us. We were chatting next to a tall kolah air outside of the house.

"eh bang, rumah tu ada orang ke?"

I looked at the direction he was pointing and I looked at him for a few seconds

"tu jamban la"

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA..memang orang bandar betol la..that small room which is less than sedepa..dia boleh kata umah..hahahahaha

Hadoi lah..

Well, looking at the Kedai Nasir facing the junction that leads to my Grandma's house if you take the left turn sure brings back memories. On how my late grandpa brought me there on his bicycle. My legs strapped with the goodmorning towel to avoid them getting stuck in between the jari-jari basikal.

That waffer snack..Al-Fatihah...Missed you grandpa.

Even at my place, the legendary Kedai Kadir is still using the same stuff that they have been used since the time I learned how to walk to the store by myself. Tempat cangkuk plastik jajan yang legend!!

This rack of books has been relocated into a tilting position just 30cm from the previous place that it used to be. You know, when I was a kid, I keep staring on those books. I was wishing that I could buy the thick one, the 200pages one so I could draw comic on it..But I couldn't afford it and haven't buy it till now...It's so nostalgic..a place where a boy with so many things he wanted to draw once hoping and wishing to get one of those books.

Kedai Kadir is still selling the legendary sweets and junkfood of my childhood. This 88 chewing gum is legend. It's not the one that you could make a balloon though. I remembered that I even swallow them when the sweetness hadn't fade away because "sayang nak biar manis dia hilang". boleh? hahahaha. Alhamdulillah, it didn't stick to my lung or heart like what my sister said back then. huhu

This is another legendary thing. Hahahaha..this balloon could cause you stress you know. But it was so memorable to still seeing it in the store.

Ahhh~~~~~ memories~~~


syalinda johari said…
wei chewing gum tu ada lagi rupanyaaa...nostalgia sungguh laa...
HEMY said…
ada beb..mmg nostalgik..
Irfa said…
memori daun pisang menggamit kenangan :)
HEMY said…
haah irfa..memori yang kanak2 siber maybe tak dapat nak lalui