Xiyad and what he loves to do

Assalamualaikum and good morning..

It's Friday again, many would say "YEAYYYYY!!" due to numerous reason of theirs..For me, one thing that adds into the fun is because it's the FRUITY FRIDAY!!! Yeahhh!!

My company would serve around 3-4 types of fruits to all the employees every Friday. That's why we call it Fruity Friday. Hehehehe.. And when I moved to this new office, I realized that the tenants here are not that fond towards fruit. So, I can take as many as I want, and there would still be so many leftovers, I will take more and more and still got leftovers!! In the end, people that love fruits so much like me is the one that benefited the most..yeayy!!!

And what makes it much better is I could share the spoil with my family, with Xiyad that also loves fruits so much..well, its in the gene!! Look here how he loves them so much. I realized that in the past whenever I brought out the fruits from inside my bag, he will shout "WAAAHHH". So this time I asked Cembam to capture the moment;

HAHAHAHA!! Alhamdulillah ayah keje dapat makan buah free Xiyad~~

p/s : alaa..dengan limited authorization access kat office ni, tak dapat nak embed video.. ni gambar bergerak je takde suara. Sampai umah kang aku update la entri ni with properly embedded video. Try gi sini.

Every morning, I would have a nap after subuh prayer. The duration is depending on how early my prayer and how early I wanna wake up. And occasionally, Xiyad will wake up and asking for his CUCU (milk). And then depending on the situation, I would continue my nap again..or go to the bathroom to take my shower.

If it's the first situatiom, am still sleeping and Xiyad is already awake, he will be playing by himself. Rummaging through his Mom's handbags, the stuff inside the drawer and in the end will be looking for my phone. He loves looking back at his baby pictures and watching his baby videos. Suke la tu fefeeling masih baby. I think it might be one of contributing factor of his Ngade-ngade behavior also..hmmm.. Anyway, take a look of what is inside my phone once I arrived at the office;

Tuddiaa..Video berderet muka dia ja...hahahaha...

And this morning after a while I haven't been log into my Flickr, I saw this...LOL!!!! Blame the samsung phone where you can easily share the photos from the phone into this flickr of mine..Aigoo..mentang2 ayah lama tak amek gambar and upload into the flickr, dia plak upload..sabarrr je la..

Yang berderet first row tu semua dia upload..hahahaha..

Haish..Xiyad Xiyad.

Oh..this Sunday, our family will be sending my youngest sister to UM for her Asasi sains course. I think I will bring my camera and my tele-zoom lense lah. Sekodeng student2 situ. HAHAHAHA


Wanie Boahari said…
pandai xiyad upload video.. dah nampak dh minat dia.. nk jd mcm ko amik gambar..haha
HEMY said…
video tu takde suara la..animated jpeg je..yg ada suara baru tau betapa eksaited nye xiyad
zonaku said…
hahahaha... sila hati2.. karang dia post pic ko bogel....

blh besarkan fint size? tulisan not that bad, but with the size, mata aku still jenuh nak baca.
syalinda johari said…
weii bnayaknya ko tapau buah buahan tu...seronok aku tengok..bak mai sikit..hahahaha..
anak ko pun excited aku tgk..
HEMY said…
zonaku..aku takut kalau aku besarkan font..utk komputer yg resolusi rendah..jadi lagi gedabak..

syalinda..tu lah..rezeki anak la tu namanya