The 4th anniversary!! Love you Cembam..muahh muahh

Malacca 2013 Family Outing

Oh my Allah~~~

Today is the 4th anniversary of ours!!! Alhamdulillah...It has been 4 years filled with things that usually be filled in a marriage..nothing bizzare, nothing less. Hehehe. And alhamdulillah blessed with our precious yet ngade taik kuda Xiyad..our son whom is joyfully going to his 3rd age with 1001 kind of attitudes, moods and behaviours. It's a blessing.

4 years..

Alhamdulillah. Cembam is a great wife. A very considerate wife, understanding and sometimes hilariously ngok ngek. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I still have the pleasure to play my sports, hangout with friends and everything I did when I was single, but to a fairly less volume for sure.

I'm blessed with a home cook almost everyday till the day extent where I don't really know what to buy whenever we went to the night market. I would always ask "lauk tengahari tadi ada lagi x?".

The lackness of each one of us are awkwardly completing and supporting each other lackness of ours. For example, I always remember the important dates. And I bet this year, Cembam would say "laa..patut macam ada ingat taarikh ni macam ada spesel" like last year. Kekeke. So that lackness is compensated by me..see. And when Cembam doesn't remember these kind of dates, our anniversary date, then there's a HUGE reason I don't have to prepare or buy anything special for it -->My lackness. See..she compensated my lackness. What a beauty!! HAHAHAHA. But tahun ni aku taknak wish kat FB ke, WASEP ke..we'll see bila si Cembam ni ingat. KEKEKEKE.

 And Alhamdulillah..4 years, we have never quarrel, or fight, or shouting at each other.....YET. HAHAHAHA!! We both have our own way to chill down whenever we have something that we are not in the same altitude.

We keep on learning..being the best partner, the best husband and dad..and the best wife and mother.

May Allah bless us with more years to come and full of happiness!! Ya Allah..nak anak pompuan ek..promise ek..hehehe.


Masy said…
epy eniberseri cembang dan cengkung!!
zella y said…
happy anniversary for both of u.. ;)
Muhammad Taufiq said…
Hye, I'm a new blogger :) Salam perkenalan, Mohon singgah dan follow blog saya :)
Kniedaz said…
happy anniversary to both of you...semoga sentiasa saling melengkapi ya ^_^
happy anniversary... semoga kekal bahagia sampai ke syurga...

psssstt: bro skali tgk supa ustaz akil hayy dah hehe