Nothing much..

Been a while~~~ Really a while huh since the last post I wrote here. Oh, I didn't even write anything for that last post..yaa~~

Not really busy or out-of-my-hand stuff. Just being 'away' from twitter and blog and suddenly the feeling of "there's nothing missing in my life without doing these" started to kick in and the laziness has become the coal to constantly burning away the spirit of media socializing, particularly in blogging. Kekeke. What a metaphoric way of explaining why I haven't update my blog for the past months huh? Haha

Well, today..I'm working at the new office. Had to relocate based on my manager's request. I don't even think it would give any different or any significance except of having the pleasure to have a quick discussion with my peers that work with me together in the project that I'm currently involve. Well, anyway..I get this new PC, faster than the previous one, bigger LED monitor and a more touchy-feeling new keyboard which I like it so much and giving me a reason to type something ---> this entry.

But surely my new spot is not as convenient as my previous one. The screen could be seen by everyone that are behind me. Damn it. That's the reason I haven't watching Runningman 188 today. HAHAHAHA!! Far less privacy lo this new workstation. Choii..

So how's life?

Nothing big happening. The bonus that I've received last month, well..I haven't had the chance to buy anything for myself but dah luak around 3K. Hmm..maybe the sustenance (rizq) that Allah blessed me with, in this form of bonus is actually not to pamper myself, but to be used in helping others. That's how I look at it. My uncle's business is on the edge, he has to pay an outstanding water and electricity bill which is around 3-4K. So Mom called me on Sunday sharing me about the news and asked if I could lend my uncle 2K for the bill. And I was like..Okay and few minutes later the money has already been transferred. It actually take a token from my new-car-downpayment fund. But, I think I could manage and I don't mind. It's not because I have the money, but more on the feeling that "I got this".

And there's nothing more contenting than having to hear your uncle's voice at the end of the phone line thanking you. It's not that I feel proud to do so. But I feel really grateful to be able to lend my help when it's needed.

Uncle is the one who spent his teenagehood growing up with me. I looked up to him. I still remembered he showed me his payslip when I was 16 and I was like...WOWWW!! I wanna be like him!! He rode his RXZ from Penang to Sabak whenever he balik kampung at Kota Setia, my grandma's house and spent the time with us playing badminton, laughing with us, buying us snacks and so on. He would ask us to wash his bike and he would give us upah. He's a friend of mine.

Well, maybe I won't be buying that new perfume that I've been wishing for after the one I bought and used only 1/5 of it gone just like that, leaked inside the bag. Or that leather korean style jacket that I sooo want it. But I feel more content in my own way. Alhamdulillah for the Rizq ya rabb


Masy said…
waaa byknye bonos huhuh takpelah, rejeki dikongsi bersama (insert no acc aku) haha
zonaku said…
rezeki gak tu... rezeki berkongsi dengan saudara sendiri dan membantu yan memerlukan...