Handling your child using their own imagination

Assalamualaikum everyone~~

Xiyad is having a fever after a while he hasn't been having one. Just few days at the nursery, and he came back with a hot body. Typical thing that would happen once you send your kid to the nursery. The only thing that makes it tougher this time is when Xiyad is no longer accustomed to the medicine feeding time and has been struggling so hard whenever we need to pump in the medicine using the syringe. 

And the best part is that Xiyad is getting stronger..seriously. And the struggling is much worse than the last time we experienced it with him. Cembam would even held his legs..sobs sobs.. We have to keep consoling him with everything we could come up with. Like pretending to feed the syringe to the stuffed koala, the teddy bear and etc. huhuhu..

The morning medicine session is worse because he's like still mamai mamai and I have to still give him 3 syringes of fever syrup, cough+flu syrup and the antibiotic. Huhu..What a challenge. This morning, when I tried to feed him the medicine, he kept running away and I use the usual trick pretending to feed the koala and he kept shouting "bear bear" and alhamdulillah first syringe was successfully given. Then I delayed the 2nd and third one by packing up my things and everything else for work. (Doctor advised to delay each one of them)

The 2nd & 3rd one was a bit harder coz he already tasted the "not that nice" syrup during the first one. But this time I already opened the door and started my bike. 

"Haaa..jom..pakai kasut..kita nak gi school..tapi kena makan ubat dulu"

And I put him on my lap. He began struggling and at that time I started to play with his fantasy

"Haa..tengok boboiboy makan ubat..upin ipin makan ubat...spongebob makan ubat..haaa..aummm"

I shoved that syringe into the thin air pretending all those favourite cartoon characters of Xiyad were actually with us. HAHAHAHA. And Xiyad seems to like it. He even pointed his finger in the blank space and shouted "Abob!!! (spongebob), Pin PIn (Upin Iping), Oboboy (boboiboy)" And it worked nicely!!! Yeayyy!!! No struggling..

What a good start of 2014 in my parenting skill..ihik!!


Masy said…
fuhhhhh berlengas ketiak nak bg makan ubat huhuhu
zonaku said…
it is a good skill... well done!!!

lepas ni sila fikir cara baru ya.... it developed with time...