Golden Palm Tree Resort Sepang

Due to the Annual Dinner held by my company, I managed to taste the privilege of spending my night at Golden Palm Tree Resort end of last year. I've shared about the dinner in my previous post, now let me share a bit about the place.

First of all, I miscalculated the time I had to take to go there from Mines Shopping Fair thinking that the place is not far from the LCCT and KLIA. Actually it's located 40 minutes from LCCT or Sepang F1 Circuit. And I won't advise you to take the route that is coming from the F1 Sepang Circuit (A road towards LCCT and taking a left turn at the Sepang Circuit traffic light junction). This is because, you will be stuck in a loong queue due to the time given for the green light from that direction is less than 10 seconds.

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You might want to buy your own food,bread, drinks etc from the Pekan that you passed by along the journey. The nearest Pekan would be the one that you still could find the petrol pump. After the Shell petrol pump on your left, you will reach a T-junction where you need to turn right..and that's the last Pekan before another 5-10minutes drive to arrive at GPTR Sepang.

Why you should buy earlier before you checked in? Because, the parking zone is 5 minutes walk from the Resort. No caddy or buggy bus whatever you call it will be seen from the parking zone, unless you have their phone number..maybe u can try call them and ask them to send a buggy.

From the reception area, it's another 5 minutes walk to your own room. Provided you get the smaller number room. If you get the 5-9 series room, it's gonna be almost 1KM seriously. Waiting for a buggy would be somehow annoying during peak hour.

Bicycles are provided where you can just take any that you see. You can even take any bicycle that anyone park outside of their room coz they are not their bicycles. You can just take them. Hahaha!! The chalet that I spent my night has 2 room section which are separated by a living room. Sorry, I didn't take any picture of the chalet interior.

Am not sure how it usually setup, but during my annual dinner stay, we have 2 families in each chalet. Left room and right room that are divided by a sliding doors or whatever you call it. If somehow that's how it usually is, then you can't really have a loud sex for god's sake OK!!! HAHAHA cycled out to the reception area or call a buggy then walk another 5 minutes from there outside towards the beach then there would be a lines of restaurants for you to dine in.

To sum up : it's much much better if you get the less than 100 number for your room if you intend to spend the night here. 


arianna adrizal said…
anul, ms ko sampai kat tv ada klua nama ko tak? haha.
kitorg byr 50 hengget parking kt dlm.sblh kedai souvenir.
HEMY said…
haah la lupa mention valet parking...thanks mention kt komen ni..

masa aku smpi cm blur kejap..ngn lapar..pastu kena tggu buggy pastu jauh plak bilik..blurrr