Family Day Port Dickson 2013

>> Thursday, January 9, 2014

When it comes to family day, our family's one is actually pretty simple. That's because, 2 frames of bowling game would have been satisfied everyone. Mom loves bowling, Dad loves bowling and even Osman my brother in-law from OZ loves it and kept asking when we gonna bowl when he was here for weeks without doing so..hehehe..I did ask him if he bowl in OZ and he replied that in OZ the rate is pretty expensive. Okay that explains why.

Last year, well this is a very delayed entry actually. NOw that I have found a new function in FLick that enables me to have this below mozaic for my entry's pictures, it eases up the blogging process soo much!! more copy paste every link!! But am not sure, how the loading time though. Please let me know if the entry loads so slow due to the picutres yah!!

IMG_6473Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013
Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013Port Dickson Family Outing 2013

PD and Malacca are really the place where we would have our family day when KL is not an option. Eventhough things that we did, excluding the beach activity are pretty much the same thing that we would do in KL, but the idea of driving out seems to be something more satisfactory to my family. For me, Malacca has nothing to offer..the same as PD without the seriously~~~

Well the PD outing, we kicked off from KL after zuhur and we rent 4 low budget hotel rooms this time. We cooked at home and had our dinner at the stairs balcony area!! HAHAHA..well the room was pretty small. Luckily at the end of the floor, there's a space right in front of the emergency stairs where we could bentang (what is bentang in english?)  the mat and had a small picnic there. HAHAHAHAA!!!

We went to the beach right after we checked in that evening. Abah managed to try the banana boat this time. Me? Nahhh~~~ I just asked the boatman permission to aboard his boat so that I could take their photos during the banana boat ride. HAHAHA...Abah was soooo excited like always. There's another extreme game there for 4 people. I don't know what they call it. This one, the boat will pull you as fast as they can. I just passed coz I've enjoyed the more extreme version of the game during my Selangor Tourism trip at Puchong Extreme Water Sport Village.

So that's all about the family trip. We bowled during the night coz luckily the hotel was located next to a shopping mall (suddenly i am so forgot the mall name) and they have bowling arcade there. Yeaaayy!!!

Looking forward to our first family trip this year!!!


zonaku January 10, 2014 at 4:46 PM  

bentang = spread. maybe?

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