KPOC Annual Dinner 2014 - Golden Palm Tree Resort

Trying to be active back in blogging. I think I should be writing entries in english again now coz my office days has been lacking on english conversation for the past year. The reason is because the folks here are mostly malays and even the chinese prefer to converse in malay once somebody started it.  Even the meeting would not be conducted in full english and I didn't get the chance to talk, converse in english with other peers or clients or users like when I was doing support for my previous job. So I do think my dull english has becoming more and much duller to date. Hope by writing, it would somehow not improving, but keep it in check.

Last 2 weeks, on December 7, my company held our annual dinner at Sepang Gold Coast. We had the privilege to spend the night at the Golden Palm Tree Resort courtesy of the annual dinner committee that had done such a fantastic job organizing the event and taking care of our hospitality.

My wife and I arrived there around 5PM after an unexpected long journey from the Big bad wolf. Arrived..felt so hungry and due to some circumstances which the biggest one was the distance from our room to the main lobby is almost 1KM and you have to cycle your way out from your room and I had to do that with one hand holding Xiyad..Luckily I am fit enough to finish the track man..

My friend Balqis. The winner of the best dress that night. Worth of her investment buying that outfit online way from cross the globe. hehe

From left, SyaPikachu, Annis the Dowry Fish and Li TaeYang Na. Hahahahaha

Cut story short, the theme this year is sport extravaganza so it's so much leisure to compare with Kingdom ball theme last year. Paling malas, the guys would just come with jeans and MU jersey..Booo!! Hhahahaha!! Me? I came with my tennis attire. Oh and Cembam didn't join the dinner coz she had to take care of Xiyad. I treated her to an expensive RM24 nasi goreng before I went to the dinner.. OK la kan..

My badminton friends were already agreed to sit at the sae table and I even named the table "Cool and Funky". Hahahha. The mission was to participate in every game that the MC has readied for us. But when we saw Ferhad hugging here and there, my female friends already said "okay..this kind of thing, please dont point your finger at me". Well you see, whenever the MC wanted someone to participate, he would usually went to the person that someone else pointed their finger at. Got the gist?

Us who didn't get anything or any prizes. Sobs sobs

This year, we didn't manage to take a picture together at the proper props and background. Unlike last year where we could go out for a while to take picture with the themed background, this year the counter closed at 8:30P.M. A huge disappointment for everyone. Sigh~~~

The tennis player, the softball girl and the errr...what do they call ah? The equestrian lady? With a back-scratcher in her hand though. HAHAHA

The performances are OK. The MC is Ferhad. He also performed by singing few songs, went to the audiences, hugging here and there, picked some ladies..hugs more. And the EXTRAVAGANZA performance was the SUPER DIVA group which consists of BAPOK.!!! Or Paper-doll is it the cuter way of saying it?

Danial the partnerless that night. KEKEKEKE..Ok la..he could be assumed as Fika's partner judging by the outfit.

The mix-double for ATP1000. Hehehe

HOHEMJI!! I was just praying that the resort wont be swallowed by a huge tsunami ok. Most of us were shocked. I admit that they had a blast of laugh when some guys were having their faces on that fake huge silicon boobs!!! Some got to shaked and fondled them!! HAHAHA..but when they came towards you..then you know the horror!!! I left my table when one of that ..sorry to say..ugly bapok approaching my table. I just walked out man and my friend next to me turned out to be the victim. ERGGGHHHH

The COOL & FUNKY group..kekeke.

We took some pictures outside once the annual dinner officially ended. NO lucky draw prize this time..huwaaaa... After a hopeless attempt of jumping pictures using self-timer, luckily our colleague..Raslan, volunteered to take the shot for us. Yeayy!!! Thanks Raslan!! But of course la..they were no match for my jump..




Kniedaz said…
hahaha...i prefer you wrote in english so i can improve my english. my english was carca marba siot...hehe
wah wah..having great time eh?
zonaku said…
wow! guess it's your best jump ever. right?

well done!!
HEMY said…
wow...i'm so happy that somebody actually still reading my blog..thanks..
Masy said…
mak oiii tingginyeeee lompat!!!!
arianna adrizal said…
theme ko sama ngn annual dinner ofis aku. same time lak tu.