Digital Artwork : Strider (capcom) + Spiderman (marvel)

This is the 2nd artwork that I did for Character Redesign Battle that comprises of Strider from Capcom + Spiderman from Marvel.

This is the orginal Strider character from Capcom (left). Errr I dont really know if this is the original version. Maybe it's a fan art as well. But this is how Strider looks basically. And who doesn't know Spiderman (right). So I mixed these 2 characters to create my own.

This is the lineart.


And this is the final artwork. I flipped the original lineart to the rightside without any reason. And here it is the final version of mine. The SPRIDERMAN!! Hope u like it!!


moment said…
jari tgn kiri tu kene haluskan sket..


HEMY said…
yg kuarkan web thread kan..ok..thanks for the komen..=]