Digital Artwork : Capcom Vs Marvel

Capcom is one of the icon in console gaming...There are lotsa characters created under Capcom..U would probably know Ryu, Ken, Chun Li from street fighter, King of Fighters and lots more.

Marvel is the western brand with characters like Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman etc. So this artwork's challenge is to have a character from both Marvel and Capcom to be combined and give birth to a new character of my own.

This is the lineart

This is 60% complete. Just need to add shadowing, detailing and background

This is Gouki/Akuma + Red Hulk VS Ken + Mr Fantastic (Elasticman). Below are the characters that made up this artwork.




And this is the final result..Well I'm still so noob in digital art and background is really a pain in the ass for me right now. SO the background for this artwork is a googled image which I inserted as the background.

Hope you guys like it.