A worrisome thought

Xiyad is growing up just like normal child. He chats a lot by his own language, but there are some words that he could say at least the last sound of them like;
YAK - berak/poo. When his pampers is overloaded or he's actually berak.
Abish - habis. Everytime he finished his milk, or the phone battery Out, or his favourite cartoon has ended.
Ata - gatal
Nash - panas. handing his milk bottle back at us if the milk is hotter than how it's supposed to
Cu - susu/milk. with his muncung so cute that we usually purposely let him say it many times =]

There are few more but those 5 are his favourite words.

I used to be able to stop him from doing any misbehaves by saying NO, or tak mboh or by pointing my index finger at him and staring at him. But recently, it's not working anymore. Sometimes when I asked him to STOP and he just ignored it, I had to flick his ear and used a higher tone to him. But I don't really wanna do that. It hurts me coz he's just 2-year old child who doesn't really understand anything and secondly, I want him to obey me, listen to us without us having to yell or using high voice towards him.

He knows and understands that we are angry at him. If all this while he would just have this innocent face looking at nothing when I scold him, now he looks at me and he would cry. And he can also fake his cry to get our attention or usually to refuse our instructions..

He's getting more and more perseverance when he wanted something. He won't give up and would ended up crying if he doesn't get what he wants. He even shouting while crying. He used to stop crying when we said "dah..diam" and usap his head, but now it rarely works. He likes to purposely not listening to what we said. Like running away when we asked him to wear his pampers and etc.

U know, it hurts me when he doesn't listen even I know it's a common thing for a child like his age. And i started thinking what kind of mistakes we are doing in raising him. And my mind just kept going and going visioning how sad it would be when things got worse years after years. Oh Allah!! We are trying our best to raise Xiyad Asytar to be a boy that has a kind heart, who obey his parents and a good muslims. We know we lack lotsa things, but please lend me  your rahmat so that we could raise him as best as we could.


zonaku said…
insyaallah this is just a phase of developing his own character. he is trying to create his personality by making his own decision, not a only listening to instructions.