Xiyad is 2-year old now ....

>> Monday, October 28, 2013

Time passed by, cows goes mooo and what the fox said? eh kelaut plak..hahahahaha..

26th of October!! Xiyad is now 2-year old son!!! yeaaayyy!!! Alhamdulillah..awak dipinjamkan pada ayah mak untuk tahun kedua dah. We won't know how long would you be on our hands, but we pray that you will always be by our side till the day Allah invites us ye son?

Xiyad was having a viral fever for around a week, on and off, then he smooched me every now and then and transferred the fever to me and left with his runny nose and a slight cough. And just like that, we realized that "oh tomorrow is your birthday la Xiyad"

We didn't throw any party or whatsoever for Xiyad this year. Err yet? I don't know. We didn't even buy any cake for him also..well, he doesn't eat them anyway (alasan). It was a very simple day where we just trying to recuperate ourselves.

26th evening, we went to fetch Mok Teh at LCCT that just back from her 2nd Singapore visit and Xiyad got himself this blue Elmo pillow from Universal Studio!!! Yeayyy!!! He was so happy and kept throwing himself on it.

Well Xiyad is not that good in speaking yet. Unsure if he's really calling me ayah when he sounds like he was saying it. He knows "Bobbb" while pointing at Spongebob. The funniest yet also the most irritating thing he likes to do now is asking himself to be patted. He would cried and selak his baju on his backside and patting himself asking us to pat him just like what he did. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Kadang2, dia selak depan bahagian perut and said "ata..ata" suh kita gosok2 or garukan sebab gatal..

Bila tengah malam, its so irritating to keep on doing it when he would awake whenever we stopped doing it!! So skang I kept on saying to his subconscious self especially when he is mamai on my hand carrying him upstairs to bed..I would say "Xiyad budak baik...tidur diam2 sorang2..taknak la mintak mak tepuk2 garu2..mak nak tido jugak". Well last night it worked. Hahaha

Xiyad is superjealous also. Whatever his niece hold, he would grab it away and wont share. Amboii. But we used it against himself for something like giving medicine. When he ran away from us after looking at the syringe, we will pretend to give it to his stuffed koala. Then he would feel jealous and came back with his mouth open. HAHAHAHA. Tapi this one night, he grabbed the syringe and give it to the stuffed koala himself. HAHAHAHA (see picture above)

Haaa..see..ayah bought me a red balloon for my birthday!!! HAHAHAHA...Balloon that he got for free at AEON BIG Mid Valley.

harapnya baik terus la demam Xiyad. On Off sesaje. Especially anta nurseri kan. AKu pun yang selalunya wat tak endah je demam skang dh makan pil haaa sebab taknak jangkit ke Xiyad.

Apapun happy birthday Xiyad!!! Moga jadi anak yang soleh utk mak ayah ye...


syalinda johari October 29, 2013 at 7:31 AM  

Xiyad...happy belated besday...
semoga jadi anak yang soleh, sihat, panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..aminnnn...

zonaku October 29, 2013 at 9:57 AM  

hahahaha.. so cute.
Mesti dia hangat hati ke koala tu...

'selalu sgt mak ayah acah nk bagi kat ko kan.... meh aku betul2 bagi!'

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