Tennis dan jalan lama yang angker


It's Wednesday. This weekend balik kampung ganu raya haji. Selasa coming back from Terengganu mesti azab gile. aduhaiii...Maybe I should buy Smart tag?

Last night tennis session was a nice one. I managed to pull off some successful short cross court forehand winner, high forehand drive that I've been trying my best to make it better. Really hope I would get the grasp of it can execute better technique effortlessly in the future.

My night drive going home after tennis at Cyberjaya uses the old road of Dengkil, Jenderam Hilir where the road was pitch black within few kilometers and without any trace of human civilazation. Kekeke. At first nights I drove along the road, I kinda terrified and keep reciting Al-Quran verses. But now I'm getting used to it and it's not as terrifying as I'd imagined..err..well up till now.

Last Friday I drove along the same road around 12A.M. Somehow, I was imagining the story of restoran bunian, or restoran jin where drivers would see a kedai makan by the road, dropped by and had a nice late dinner but it turned out that there was no kedai makan there in the first place!!! Those who experienced this horror experience also said that they saw others eating at THE restaurant but all of them would be so busy with their meals and their heads were all just tunduk khusyuk eating the meal. Uuu~~ scary.

So somehow last Friday night this story kept bugging me till the point that it made me feel uneasy. Around another 3km from reaching my home, suddenly 2 dogs came from the left side of the road barking at me and were like blocking my car. They barked and barked while looking at my car but not really looking at me. I avoided them and continue driving but the blocked me again and barked.


Then I started to think..err..something followed me? something is inside my car? I continue driving after the dog decided to stop following me after a few meters run and started to recite al-ikhlas couple of times and meremang bulu roma weh at that time.  And a km before reaching home, I felt OK again, felt at peace again. I recited al-ikhlas one more time after I parked my car and before going into the house...huuu.....

Oklah..balik ni, I'm gonna drop by at Hock Eng shop to buy a new racket. Yeaaa~~ Kumpul sikit2 campur dengan hasil jualan my old Wilson BLX six one 95 2011 I have Rm550. Hopefully these 2 rackets will cost around that. Am still thinking whether to buy the Djokovic, Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro or the Wilson Blade 98.

I wanna try the 18x20 string pattern. That's why I am choosing between these 2. These rackets are heavier than the one I currently using. I just wanna see the difference in term of feel and what I can do with a different racket spec. Hehehehe.


zonaku said…
uu.. scary....

aku penah lalu mana tah... maybe the same are but a diff route. coming back from a day-out in PD.

Damn scary!