Family time. It's the time that counts not the place.

Let's take few minutes to update my blog

 *sweeping off the spider web*

You breath in and out, blinking for thousands time and here it comes again on your doorstep, the loyal weekend that never ceases to meet up with us and try to take away all the fatigues and tiredness away for a while.

Last weekend, we spent a family time at Port Dickson. Yaa..there's nothing much you can do there, but the time that we spent together is what makes it counted. We kicked off around 12noon after Cembam and I got back from Az-Zahrah for Cembam's follow-up check. We reached Teluk Kemang around 1:30PM and stopped to have lunch at one of the asam pedas restaurant there.

We continued to find the hotel which is located next to The Store Port Dickson. The location of the hotel in the online map is far to be true. We thought it would be by the beach based on the google map, but it's actually in the center of the PD town. But the best part is that The Store has a bowling arcade!!! A huge PLUS for my family.

See!! We were the only one bowling that night. It was like a rich family booked up the whole place so we could play without any interference. Kkekekekeke. We played at the beach on that Saturday evening after taking a nap right after we checked in, but that would be in the next entry.


Kniedaz said…
bowling with families....lama tak buat tu...heehe