Xiyad - such a well-behaved boy

Salaam everyone...

How's your day? It's 4:35P.M when I started composing this white blank page trying to get rid of my sleepiness. I had a tumbler full of nescafe, strong one that I made myself, but my body is just too accustomed to it and couldn't hold back my eyelids up firmly. zzzzzzzzz~~~

Nothing much for today. Just wanna share something about Xiyad. Alhamdulillah he's growing healthy and learning more and more stuffs throughout his growth. He would happily take off his pant whenever we asked him to so we could wash him or bath him. He would even put the pant inside the specified basket along with other pile of clothes.

This is Xiyad last night during dinner when he suddenly sang non-stop. And it steadily forming a nice rhythm when I decided to record his act of cuteness =]

 During Azan in the television, he would make a sound like follow along the azan with his long AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA trying to imitate the azan

He's slowly learning how to ask for his milk by making a muncung with his lips..SOOO SSYUUUU.

He would love to follow me to the surau. Well actually Xiyad is one of the encoragement factor of me going to the surau as frequent as I could. If not for my own self, i would drag my lazy body to the surau for the sake of him. Thanks Xiyad. You made Dad a slightly better person =].

When we arrived at the surau, I'd ask him to sit on the floor and take off his shoes. He's getting the hang of it now. And he would quietly stand still waiting for me performing my ablution. Once I finished, he would walk as fast as he could towards the prayer hall.

When he entered, he would quickly sit on the last saf like a well-behaved boy. I was touched everytime he did that. I would call him to move to other spot coz that spot was exactly in front of the main door. He would sit and wait with his grin while I perform my sunat prayer.

When the bilal made his Iqamah, I will either pick the most left or the most right spot for him to sit beside me during the whole solat. But now I'm trying to make him be more responsible by asking him to wait me at the forth saf. Well, I guess the most of the jemaah would only occupy the first 3 saf.

He would play with they bunch of keys that I handed him before the solat. I could hear the chime of the keys throughout the solat coz he just plays with it while waiting for me. Obediently sitting still at the spot and not doing more than that.

Yesterday, when I discovered the myvi's alarm triggered because he pushed the button while playing with the keys, I took it away and let him be without anything to play with. He still sat there and behaved throughout the solat. 

After salam, I peeked at him and saw 2 little girls whom were probably around 3-4 year old trying to play with him. One of the girl reached for his hand trying to play with him but Xiyad didn't respond to it at all and just made his Krik krik face. The little girl tried to carry him up when she noticed I was looking at her and aloofly went tho her father. kekekeke

Only when Xiyad saw my face, he would smile. Sometimes I called him to come from the first saf when he was sitting at the forth saf. I waved at him to come but he just smiled and stayed there. Quite numbers of people have praised Xiyad for being a good boy, not making any noise, just stay put throughout the solah.

I would just responded "dia tak pandai main lagi ngan budak2..tu dia diam je" while praying in my heart sincerely that Xiyad would remain as behaved as he is now.

Thanks Xiyad..U make Dad smile looking at your well-behaved action. That's why Mom and Dad won't really mind when you play notoriously at home making a mess here and there as long as you behave when you are not at home. We love you so much...Please keep being a good boy that would always make us grateful...=]


Masy said…
bagus xiyad.. pasni bole la harap jaga adik plak huehehehe
hahahha.......xiyad bla bla bla.......ulang jew

zonaku said…
heheehehee.... good boy!

ada gaya abang sulung memuah junior y bagus.....

sweet je dia nyanyi.....