Our 2nd baby is coming!!

Just spent 15 minutes reminiscing the time when blogging is so much much more fun coz my blogger friends were still active back then, all those comments..ahhh...so warm. I had to scavenged through my old posts before writing this one because I forgot whether the first time it happened, did I take a photo of it. 

All of my memuah have already knew about the news..Of course. Because I have been propagating about it weeks before by 99% probability. Kekekekeke. Yaaa!!! Cembam is pregnant, carrying our 2nd child which I can confidently say "Ramadhan baby". Hehehehehe!!!

Looking at how Xiyad is now behaving, how he can look after himself to certain extent, looking at my sister's daughter, I whispered to myself that it's time to have our 2nd child if Allah permits it. And I did say to Cembam that we would try it starting Ramadhan. Ekekeke.

Coincidentally, Cembam was on red-flag rigt before Ramadhan and I thought she would miss the first Ramadhan. But right on the night of first Ramadhan she said she's cleared. Yeay!! That's why I could confidently 100% sure that our 2nd baby is the Ramadhan Project baby. Kekekekee

When we reached the 2nd week of Ramadhan, Xiyad was acting suuuper strange. He suddenly got too attached to his mum. What the!! Usually, he won't bother about his mom if his Dad is around. But he started to ask for attention from his Mom, asking his mom to lift him up and sit him on her lap so he could join us at the dinner table, which has never been done before!!

When he was crying, he went to his mom...Awkward!!! Then I was so sure, something is growing inside Cembam's womb. 

It was just like during Xiyad's. I just instinctively sure that he was coming. No test, nothing felt by Cembam but I would always joking by talking to her belly. It's just the same as this time. I joked with my family how Xiyad was having "bawaan budak" while Cembam kept denying it (rupa2nya dia test sorang2 guna pregnancy kit zaman Xiyad takde tanda!!).

But I stick to my feeling. And on Monday morning, last Monday Cembam used the test kit and while waking me up for subuh prayer saying that he would drive the vios instead of the manual myvi (coz myvi hasn't been used for quite some times) she said "dah la mengandung ni" and caressing her belly.

I wasn't surprised. Because 3 days before..I've already confirmed it. By checking this one specific part of Cembam's body..I knew it straight away!! Ekekekeke

Alhamdulillah..we hope it's gonna be girl. But a boy is also a joy..heehehehe. Pray for Cembam's healthy, our baby and hope everything went smooth. Praying for a better sustenance (rizq) blessed along with the arrival of our 2nd baby.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah!!



Xiyad ada adik plak la lepas ni hehe...
zonaku said…
congratz... (i missed this news) this one akan sebaya my latest family addition la ni....

abang xiyad..... behave ok!

zurainah said…
tahniah utk ko sefamily...hee..pasni panggil abg xiyad la ye..jemput raya rumah..:)
syalinda johari said…
tahniahhhhh...ko jaga wife ko elok2 okey...take care utk wife ko
HEMY said…
thanks to all the wishes dear friends...insyAllah dapat la rasa masakan aku lagi cembam...hahahha
Alhamdulillah. Tahniah to Cembam, Mok and Abg Xiyad..

Syukur... I m happy for all of u ;)

Cembam, jaga diri baik2 eh.. hihihi