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Assalamualaikum everyone~~

Happy Ramadhan..How's have you been spending a week of ramadhan that has just leaving us? I admit, mine were left with too much holes on them. I didn't take the opportunity of that 7 days of Ramadhan to the fullest. Sad~~

The past 2 weeks up till now, Xiyad is in a mode where he would easily cry for even little thing and sometimes the worst was when we couldn't even tell why was he crying!! And Xiyad is the type that would struggle more when we try to comfort him. Sweet gestures are not the medicine for his sulky rebellious mode. The more you tried to comfort him, caressing him or hugged him, the more he will retaliate and he would be ignorance to whatever happened to him. Hit his head on the floor, stumbled or anything..he just don't care. So most of the time, we would let him be..crying his heart out and hoping he would stop.

Xiyad likes carrying a bag

Xiyad woke up at 9 this morning. So I hurriedly getting ready to go to work. He would be excited whenever I asked him where's his shoes. Coz he knows that means OUT OF THE HOUSE!! I have to put the shoes on him coz if I carry him on my hands from my bike to the nursery's door, there's a huge chance he would cry and refuse to go into the nursery. But if I walk him towards the door, most of the time he would be OK.

This morning, the other kids were coming to the door and one of the girl was trying to remove Xiyad's shoes presistently..hmm and just like that Xiyad cried and lying on the floor. The new nanny had a bit of a trouble to carry him inside when he was struggling like a tazmanian devil. When she put Xiyad on the toto inside, I kept eyeing from outside through the window and only left the premise after I satisfied with Xiyad's condition.

Hmm...crying and sulking are his new hobbies now. Hope it would stop in the nearest time. Maybe as old folks said, he's catching up new things. Who knows right??


Masy said…
sok dah ade adik, baru dia tau erti penyesalan.. hahahahah
Hazerin said…
try baca "separation anxiety". mungkin. stage umur skrg, rami parents yang merasa. seperti aku.
Anonymous said…
cuba kau buat-buat menangis...dia akan diam....sebab dia hairan kenapa kau pun menangis...

ahaks - try lerr..

HEMY said…
aku dh try kuih...diam kejap je..hahahah

oo separation anxiety ek..nnt la aku try cri