KPOC Family Day 2013

June 23rd - my company hold a family day event to bring everyone in the company together, get to know each other faces if not their names, play around and have a feast which is all paid by the company. This year's family day was held at Indoor arena, Mont Kiara Equestrian.

We were asked for our spouse's t-shirt size along with our children's. Eventhough, last year's family day looks more enjoyable coz it was held in Sunway Pyramid, we just joined the fun as it is =]. The first problem was to come at 8A.M~~~~ I'm not even coming at 8 to work!! HAHAHA. But somehow we managed to arrive at 8++ and got a parking spot near the main entrance.


Xiyad and his oversized t-shirt. That was the smallest size offered. Hehehe.

We had our breakfast first and scouted around all those stalls where you could try your chance to play the games and win the prizes. It was a fun-fair theme. And of course in my case, I had to play and win for Xiyad and collect as many toys as I could. Hehehehe

The event started with the opening speech from the CEO and the Senior Management Team and with popping flying papers, the Family Day commenced and the fun began!!


The day started with a light warm-up aerobic from one of the fitness instructor whom everyone would tell straight away that he used Muay-Thai in his fitness scheme. Yaa~~ we were like suddenly started punching and kicking. It wasn't even light and we didn't stretch at all before doing those punching, straights, jabs and hooks. HAHAHAHA!! But everyone just doing it as they like.

I was walking Xiyad around the place and coincidentally, we were right in front of the main stage. HAHAHA. Cembam was doing the aerobic alone at our table with the rest of them. Xiyad was standing still KRIK KRIK KRIK for the entire aerobic session. There was an uncle trying to play around with him, but his expression remained the same..hahaha

This is Kak Was, one of the person out of 3 whom interviewed me when I was entering the company

After that, everyone started to have their chance playing all sort of games that have been prepared. Basketball game, kicking balls into a hole, netting the duck, dart, mini golf and lots more. I kept on playing to get more toys for Xiyad. HAHAHA. From a colouring book, lego model, mini bow and lots more. 

We got a backpack each when we registered as a doorgift which has couple of things inside. Bubble gun was 1 of it. Havent open it up yet till now. Most of the toys are the lego set which I tried to win a set of them.


Then there were mascots. Spongebob and Doraemon. Xiyad was tailing the huge spongebob but when we tried to let him approach the mascot, he was terrified and started to cry.

There was once when the Doraemon was trying to adore him. Xiyad was running away from the Doraemon. I saw Cembam was holding Xiyad and trying to calm him. But the Doraemon kept on approaching and somehow, Cembam didn't manage to hold Xiyad tight, he stumbled onto the ground. Sands almost went into his mouth. At that time I was like wanna Ongbak that Doraemon. Hahahaha. Natang this Doraemon. Luckily the Doraemon said sorry to me. KEKEKEKE.


Then we went for a pony ride, but there was also a horse. So I chose the horse for sure. After Zuhur prayer we went to the horse-ride area which they actually wanted to end the session already. It appeared that we were the last customers.


At first the instructor could not let 2 person to ride the horse due to safety. So we tried to let Xiyad ride the pony by himself, but he was crying and trying to get away from the pony. So then I decided to have a go first on the horse. It was really a tall horse!! And somehow when I was already on the horse, I asked if I could hold Xiyad with my own responsibility. The staff agreed and let us ride together. Yeayy!!


Then it was Cembam's turn. She was a bit hesitated to ride the tall horse. But everything was fine, except that she had a really hard time to climb down by herself. I had to support her down. Hahaha!! And then we walked back to our table to listen to the lucky draw.


From the starting prize - the BBQ set, went to Kitchen Knife, Xbox, Wii till the end of the grand prize, my name wasn't called at luck this time. All we got were the balloons that we picked out from the bunch of the decoration.

But, it was blown away to the sky when we were loading our things into the car. So at the end we brought home nothing..hahahaha

Xiyad was so scared of Ipin, but his mom instead of taking the picture. HAHAHAHA.