family time

Been a while I haven't write anything in this very blog. Away for school holiday and haven't had the urge to share anything here. Well to be honest, the urge is always there. But the effort to write it just withered by every second passed. 

Need to admit that the sensation is not as steamy as before. But here I am nagging about something in my life

Abah is currently staying at our house. After he spent couple of nights at my sisters' houses, I invited him to spend a few more days at ours. And gladly accepted it.

Nothing much to do. We just brought him for a little stroll at the Mines, Warta and he tagged along for my tennis session last night. Due to heavy rain on Tuesday, we decided to book the court the next day which is last night to replace the Tuesday session.

I've already informed Abah that it would usually take around 4 hours. 8-12. The game ended at 11 but then we would have a tea session at Al-Aqsa restaurant. Abah still decided to tag along. So while I played, he sipped his drink at the nearby canteen and even made someone from our hometown. And old companion during the surau time few years back. I didn't know the guy but I know his sister. A senior of mine during my primary school.

Then abah watched me played a bit. It was hilarious coz it was my first time playing when abah was watching. So when I made a winner, I was like jokingly shouting while looking at the sky


hahahaahaha and my friends just laughed at it. Not that abah could hear it anyway. Then we hang out at the mamak before going home. After asar, my family would be gathering here at my house and we gonna had our first barbeque session. Hope we could get the fire burning. HAHAHAHA


syalinda johari said…
bagus anak abah ni..hehehe
HEMY said…
kekeke..anak mak gak tau