Xiyad and his Nebulizer experience

Been a while since the last post. Hmm..I think the blogging spirit is starting to drift away bit by bit. Most of my blogger friends have already 'quit' blogging..well, metaphorically speaking. It's not as steamy as it used to. But anyway, here's a new update of my nothingness..=]

Last Monday, Xiyad slept like a rock. He made mumbling sounds, putting up his head a bit like a tortoise and went back to sleep till 9:40A.M. I was lying next to him with my office attire waiting for him to wake up. Why I wait, ermmm..I have the liberty of waiting him coz my work-hours is flexi. But 9:40 a.m is already damn late..So I decided to bring Xiyad to the clinic to check on his lung, his coughing and hoping I would get and MC for the day.

So I back to my nap and around 10 Xiyad finally made a sign that he would be waking up from his slumber. =p

Still fighting and trying to wake up

Finally awake. The BUNKFACE!!

I brought him downstairs, changed his diapers, prepared his little bag and went to our usual Poliklinik An-Nur, one of the panel clinic under my company's insurance. There were around 7 patients when I reached there. It was my first time bringing Xiyad there. All this while, Cembam was the one doing it after her school ended.

There's a playground area at the end of the corner for the kids. Hehe. Xiyad the sleepyhead was inside the toy house. When some other boy was trying to get into the house, Xiyad surprisingly trying to shove him away...tak padan kecik. 

Then there was a boy 14-month old but he could already climb the slide confidently. Wow..Xiyad on the other hand did try to climb but with my assistance. I said to the mother of that boy 

"anak saya ni menang tang gigi je. Gigi dia dh banyak. Yang lain dia lambat"

Haha..even at the clinic, Xiyad was doing this favourite pose of him, lying on the floor while playing his favourite car. 

When it was finally our turn, we walked into the room where a male doctor was waiting. Xiyad has already accustomed with this doc. So he didn't have any problem being checked by the doctor. The doc said Xiyad's lungs are OK but he needs to inhale the nebulizer to clear his lungs.

So that was the first time I personally had the experience on inhaling the 'gas'. All this while I was just looking at my friends' fb pictures. The smoke wasn't that heavy as I've imagined. Xiyad didn't flinch even a bit when I put the mask on him. But later he was bored and started to get cranky. Had to hold him and struggled a bit. 

The doc gave him 4 type of medicine. Woahh..it was a bit hard to let him swallow all those 4!! Especially this time the medicines are a bit bitter. And the sleepy effect couldn't be resisted by Xiyad anymore. He was mamai and would fall asleep when he was having his milk. 

This morning after 2 days taking the medicine, I didn't hear him coughing anymore..Alhamdulillah. 

P/S : Please pray for my Memuah friend, Erina. His son is currently admitted to the ICU due to lung infection. May Allah saves him. Thankss!!

edited : Al-fatihah untuk Arwah Aqil Hamzah yang pergi meninggalkan kami Jumaat lepas. Sesungguhnya kepedihan itu ada hikmahnya. InsyaAllah Aqil lah jaminan mak ayah nya untuk ke syurga nanti