Singapore Trip 2013 day 2

Day 2 itinerary has been planned couple days back before we came. It's just a matter of how we should plan the MRT journey to minimize the walking. So the 2nd day, we stopped at bugis station. Bella said it's a place to buy souvenir. There's no harm buying a souvenir early coz we know that is the best place to buy them plus we never know we might end up late at night and do not have anymore energy to do souvenir shopping.


The Bugis station is actually connected to a mall which I don't give a damn to note down the name. So emerging from beneath the shopping complex, you would see this landmark of bugis junction. The Bugis Street is opposite of the road.


Top left - see how many people were crossing the road.

There's a fruit juice stall next to the stall that we bought our souvenir (actually the first one we saw and the first shop near the entrance) hahaha!! Didn't bother to scout deeper. So while me already picked 8 fridge magnets that cost SGD10 for 4 pieces, I just stood next to Xiyad in the stroller waiting for Cembam and her sis.

From the moment Xiyad was still sleeping, waking up and ended up being cranky and ngamok, Cembam hadn't finish her shopping. She shopped without a care of the world. HAHAHA!! When Xiyad finally refused to sit in the stroller anymore, then it was the time to get out from there!!


We entered the mall next to it (crossing back the road) and headed to the foodcourt but we couldn't find any 'halal' logo anywhere. I asked a muslim lady that I saw at 1 of the stall where we could find halal food other than McDonald and the fast-foods, she pointed a restaurant just opposite the road (the other road) and mentioned another 1 inside the mall that we alighted before. But she said the one in the mall is quite expensive. 

So that is the restaurant that we dined for our lunch - Tong Seng Coffee Shop. There's a halal logo but we were still pretty much unsure while walking towards the restaurant. I recited ayat kursi before walking inside it and my heart felt pretty calm. Looking at more and more muslim people that have been sitting inside made us more convinced. Plus the workers were mostly Kelantanese. So we had chicken rice there. We asked for a malay village at the Kelantanese worker and he said we could just take the taxi.

We stopped a taxi and told him the place and the taxi driver asked me back something like "the malay village at the bla bla or at the bla bla?"....Err so I just replied, the one tourists usually go. So he drove us SGD6.50 to the location and it was a disappointment for us.


You could say we stopped in front of a Singaporean Pasar Payang which surely less tempting than the real Pasar Payang. Huhuhu. But still we strolled for a while inside and decided to leave the place. The lady asked us to walked to the (fuck I suddenly forgot the name of the station) and guided us how to reach there.


We walked a bit and literally stopped under the tree coz we didn't know where to head. We had to wait for someone passed by and asked how to get to the station. HAHAHA!! Iphone is useless without the local telco sim card okay.

We planned to head straight to Merlion or Marina bay. But during the interchange we stopped at orchard station to visit the mall. Ermm..but we were easily bored. Well, a mall is like any other mall. We walked into the train after 10 minutes strolling there and let Xiyad loose. Hehehe.

Okay..Marina Bay entry would be up next.


~wAniE~ said…
aku teringin nak g sana.. walaupun sebenarnya aku ngn singapore tu mcm KL dgn Sg Buloh.. nk pergi Universal Studio.. tp suami aku cakap tunggu lepas bersalin..huhu
HEMY said…
ko kat johor ke skang wanie?
emila yusof said…
Hemy pergi Zoo tak?
HEMY said…
tak pergi kak emila..sebab stakat zoo macam baik gi zoo kat malaysia je..hahaha..