Singapore Trip 2013 day 1

Salaam semua~~~

Huhu..I was on leave yesterday. Extended by a day because Xiyad looks pretty tired. He was sleeping till 10A.M. And when I checked the clock..hmm, "I won't make it" and that's how I decided to extend a day of my holiday. Haahaha!! Even today I almost had to extend another day!! Xiyad woke up at 6:40A.M and I brought him down, set my alarm to 8A.M so I can get back up and ready for work. But around 7:45, Xiyad was crying for his milk and he dozed off while having his milk. And I had to sleep along la of course. Woke up at 9:20A.M, get ready as fast as I could and had to wake him up from his sleep. Yep he was still sleeping when we were about to leave the house. Sian dia cam blur2 kita bangunkan. That's why I chose to come late to the office and go home late. I wanna spend the morning with him before he's sent to the nursery.

Hahaha..ok back to my Singapore story. We parked our car at Salak Tinggi station. It's a free parking but the staff would say they are not responsible of anything happened to the car. But I do think the guard would still make a round check. Just not that frequent coz it's a free parking. Plus if I were to park my car at that lcct parking, the one so far from the platform, do you think it's that safe? 

We bought the lcct bus ticket for Rm5 each and we got a complimentary ERL ticket from there to Putrajaya station that can be used anytime this year. But I doubt we gonna have any business to use the ERL from there to Putrajaya.

Once we reached Changi Airport, the MRT service has already closed, so we took a taxi that costs us SGD18. Our hotel, Amrise Hotel is situated in a chinese surrounding area. But it's a lively place and there's a budget shop that sells almost everything next to the hotel.

Singapore 2013 - Sims Avenue

The first morning, we woke up as we like and started our Singapore Holiday around 9A.M. We walked for around 10minutes to the nearest MRT station, Aljunied. From there we switched MRT at Outram Park station and continued to Harbour Front station. Then we took a Sentosa Express monorail to Vivo city where the USS is located. 

They are lotsa people!!! Sooo many people!! But luckily, family with kid inside a stroller has a special priority treatment. We didn't need to queue like the rest to buy a ticket, didn't need to queue while waiting for the gate to open and didn't need to wait to enter the monorail!!! Yeayyy!!!

Sentosa Express

See how many people!! These were those waiting for the monorail. Behind us were those who were waiting for the gate to open so that they could wait the monorail!! And yes we were permitted to use the left lane that is separated by that fence (or whatever it is called).

Universal Studio Singapore

And here we are!! Universal Studios!! Yeayy!! But I wasn't really that thrilled because I know it's just something like the Disneyland, only difference in the characters.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

The famous Universal Studio landmark!!

We had our breakfast at the foodcourt there. Nasi lemak telur before we entered.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Top left - I don't know what so special about that bread store. The queue never ended from morning till night..Whatever~~~ The first attraction is surely the transformers!!! And this was when my first unlucky thing happened to me.  There are 3 lanes of entrance to this attraction. 1 is for those with Univeral Express ticket which can be purchased there. 2. is for a single person. Which means you don't come with any group of family or friend and you just slot into any empty seat regardless of who sit next to you. And the 3rd one is the normal lane where you could queue together with ur patrons. 

I did ask nicely to the staff "what does the single person lane means?" because I didn't know if that lane leads to the same attraction. I thought it might be lane for the roller coaster (well there are quite near to each other). But the staff quickly responded "transformers here!!" while pointing her hand to the normal lane.

So I queued up for more than 1 hour!!!! What the fuck!! And the best part was when I finally standing in front of the vehicle, the staff asked "how many of you?" and I replied "alone". She was like "if you are alone you should use this lane (pointing at the single person lane) coz it's way faster". And you know la what I would reply. Well in a nice manner of course. Haishhhh~~~~ I could just queue for 10 minutes maybe at the single person lane okay!!! But anyhow, I just enjoyed the transformers 3D ride. So realistic especially the part where we we free falling from the high building before bumblebee caught us!! Fuwooo!!

Oh forgot to mentioned that Cembam and Ateh decided not to try it. Plus Xiyas was asleep at that time.

Universal Studio Singapore

Ateh bought the 1-hasta drink there that costs SGD15 (dah naik haa keri reganya). Least that we know that we could refill the bottle with any drink with just SGD2!! Ateh left it inside the stroller when we were entering the madagascar attraction and when we came out of the place, the bottle was nowhere to be found. Damn!!

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Xiyad was a bit cranky while queuing up, well it's hot!! Even after my answered doa to let the rain falls a bit to cool us down. We had to put him in our arm and occasionally let him loose on his feet. He cried a bit inside the tunnel when there were some surprises prepared for the visitors.

Universal Studio Singapore

We dined in at Mel's burger. It's one of the halal outlet inside USS. We ordered burgers and fries. It was drizzling again at that time and I looked for the surau. Once I was done with my jamak prayer, it was Cembam and Ateh's turn to pray. Well at that time, the rain has already stopped and the roller coaster attraction was free of queue!! But I had to wait for them..sad~~

After they came out from the surau, they went to transformers merchandise shop while I went into the roller coaster attraction. This was the 2nd unlucky thing happened. I queued up for around 30 minutes and when I finally 15 meters away from the roller coaster, there was an announcement saying that due to the weather, the attraction has been suspended for our safety..


Bengang dowh!! Penat aku beratur SHYIAALLLLL!!!!

Universal Studio Singapore

sob sob. So my USS trip was without the roller coaster experience. When it was getting dark, the shops were mostly starting to close. So i thought it's time to leave this unlucky place!!! But before we leave, we went to watch the MONSTER ROCK performance as our last experience there (bottom right). This was the only place Xiyad could smile while listening to the rock performance. HAHAHAHA!!! He even clapped his hands

And then, goodby USS!! We queued again for the monorail but this time we didn't get any special priority. Huhu. Reached the hotel around 10 P.M.

That wraps the 1-day USS visit!!


Kniedaz said…
Frustrating la....akak nak pi tapi tak tau la bila..
syalinda johari said…
Jard The Great said…
ramainya.. hehe.. aku naik teksi pergi sentosa island.. tp syukur jugak tak ramai yg main USS mase aku gi tu hari
Erina Asmawani said…
apesal bila aku baca entry ko ni aku rasa USS tak best..hmmm..taknak lah pegi sini
k.e.r.i. said…
Apa lah gunanya gi USS kalau tak main roller coaster Human & Cyclone tu. HAHA

Water rafting tak try? Rooftrooper tak try? Dua-dua ni pun best gak.

Shrek 4D? Waterworld Theater?

Oh meng. Rasa nak gi USS lagi sekali.
HEMY said…
erina : kalau ko aim main sume benda cam keri sebut tu best le...tapi kena rajin beratur la

keri, yg waterwold tu dh dekat maghrib baru aku sempat lalu je la. tak sempat masuk

shrek 4D aku masuk..water rafting tu yg mana?