Singapore here I come

Assalamualaikum semuaa~~

Hope everyone is doing fine. With your own daily life running, living your life to the fullest. I came to the office early today and as I expected, my colleagues kept on saying "awal ko ari ni" when they walked into the office and spotted me at my place. Hehehe..I told ya, I choose to come late because I wanna spend my time with Xiyad in the morning before sending him to the nursery. 

So today we gonna fly to Singapore!! I'm not that excited actually..yaa..singapore..ok. I know that's nothing much there (oppss dont get angry singaporean~~) hence our itinerary while spending our 3 days there would be going to their landmarks and the must go Universal Studio. This is the 2nd country for Xiyad!! Yeayy..Lucky him huh? Me? My first flight was when I was 24 year-old!! HAHAHAHA!!

We departed at around 10:20P.M tonight and the only concern is the transportation to our hotel once we arrived there. I've checked the map, our hotel is near Aljunied station using the MRT from the airport. But I believe the service ends at 11:30P.M. I don't think we gonna make it..well considering the duration of the journey and of course the usual Air Asia delay flight.

But I've googled the taxi fare calculator last night and it shows there the cost to my hotel from the airport is SGD23. OK. so at least i know the reference price so I won't be squeezed later

Just praying for a smooth vacation and protected by HIM from any ill intention towards my family. Amiiinn..


Kniedaz said…
happy holidays you guys...
Masy said…
huntong laaaaaa.. hueheheh. selamat bercuti2 singapore!