I'm 30 yet gorgeous!! HAHA

Morning all!!!

Today is March 18th!! Yeaaa!!! 30 years ago at 12:01 A.M, I was born into this world with tears and hope. I was the first child of mom. 

It was like a dream. 13 years ago, I was preparing for SPM, and once in a while I would imagine myself in a complete suite, stripe necktie, inside my own room, having teleconference with foreigners from all over the world. And I've already did that!!!! Except for my own room part. HEHEHE. Well who knows, one day I would have my own room!!

Thanks for all the wishes!!! From the FB was overwhelmed. Numbers of wishes from all of my friends and I really appreciate it so much!! I purposely put it a day earlier in FB for my own certain reasons =].

Ini budak asik naaaaangis je kejenya skang. Aku dah start strict marah2 ngan dia. Huhu..

I've achieved quite handful of things throughout my 20's. I've gone through things that made me crumbled for a while, made me smile, made me proud, made me ashamed and lots more. I am thankful to Allah, my wife, my Xiyad, my family and my family friends for giving me a 30 years of colourful life!! 

My wish is to be a better muslim, better dad, better husband. And to start that off, I'm gonna try to pray on time, going to the mosque/surau as frequent as I could. Come on!! Pray for me yah!!

Again..thanks for all the wishes!!! MMuuuahhh!!!


Masy said…
mendoakan semua yg bebaik utk ko dunia akhirat insyaallah!

*tetibe serius lak ucapan. lulzz*

Kniedaz said…
Alhamdulillah, dah 30 tahun...semoga apa yang didoakan itu menjadi kenyataan... ^_^
syalinda johari said…
semoga diberkati Allah SWT..aminn
Jard The Great said…
happy birthday hemy!! =)
~wAniE~ said…
yeaahhh dah tua dah..
happy birthday bro!
HEMY said…
Thanks semua!!! mmuuaahhh!!
Erina Asmawani said…
Alaaa..ko saje je lukis muka Xiyad nampak tua kan biar keremajaan ko terserlah?? Hahaha..practice make perfect!! cer lukis gambar Aqil plak :P

bestlah dia dapat hadiah yg diidamkan.Pasni sila prepare hadiah super best plak tuk cembam.

*kapet bulu kambing bebiri pulak ke?*